The “New Normal” with School

We’ve entered a “new normal”, or so we’re told by our elected officials. This pandemic, out of China, has disrupted societies around the world. Economies have crashed, In the U.S. alone, death from alcoholism, drugs, etc. has increased because our elected officials have quarantined us to the level of some people needing relief – in any package that it comes in.

The new norm for many of us is school for our children. When will they be able to attend school, in person, again’ Are we, based on this pandemic, moving more to virtual schooling? No one knows but right now, it looks like many school districts, around the country, are looking at more innovative ways to instruct our children.

Where I live, kids (high school) attend in-person classes twice per week now; The remainder is completed from home. The district have issued every pupil with a Chromebook. This is loaded with the necessary software for them to be able to attend classes on line (Google Classroom). Theres been some issues but overall it seems to be working. It’s not bad software. The problem is knowing how to use it effectively and of course, unfortunately, teachers were a last thought in being trained to use it. So, a bit jerky in the start, but it seems to be going better as the semester proceeds.

Of course, nothing takes the place of in person instruction,. Two days per week where I am is the bare minimum to be able to connect with a teacher and be able to ask questions as needed. So far, as we’ve been told by the district, there have been few cases recorded and zero hospitalizations. Of course those kids are doing 100% of their time from home for at least two weeks.

And then there are those with political ends that would harm kids based on the upcoming election, Did anyone read about the Los Angeles School District on hold until after the November Presidential Election? That makes me think that if Joe Biden wins, the pandemic is over – at least to these officials in Los Angeles. The same is going on in other places: When Joe Boden wins, we’ll open up our economy (Think Michigan and New Jersey, as well as New York).

But while these “adults” try and influence a presidential election, kids, yours and mine, suffer. No school or partial school. Every scholarly organization has stated that keeping kids out of school is harmful to them. Of course, some politicians don’t care. They’re looking for power at whatever level. Guess what, Democrats, you’re going to lose big time this November,

So, that’s my rant for today. Let’s get our kids back in school and damn the politics. Sure, we need to look at the medical advice but that’s going to be different in every atate and within those state, every school district

Instead of a “New Normal”, let’s just return to what we knew as normal.

One thought on “The “New Normal” with School

  1. Difficult to return to the old normal when it is a fact that a seemingly intelligently designed virus is still with us. Yes, people died of regular influenza. And why do we not hear about those deaths anymore? But, this one is a real bitch that can cripple an apparently healthy young adult, living a grandparent symptomless, or quickly send a healthy middle-aged person to the ICU for weeks on a ventilator and months in recovery. It has different strains and different symptoms and it is scary. And…there is no vaccine, yet, and no sure cure. And…there is a lot not known about it. And…people are either scared to death or indifferent until someone they know suddenly gets it and is struggling to live.

    So, I am okay with phase-ins as Maryland is doing.

    My small town had its return to its “First Friday” event yesterday. Word was that the streets were full and careful indoor and outdoor seating was full in a new wine/whiskey restaurant. And everybody both inside and outside were wearing masks, except for a photo-op set up, where masks were doffed briefly for a picture. The town knew that if an outbreak of Covid were to be linked to the event, that it would be the kiss of death, and so they promoted safety, had disposable masks available, had sanitizer at every store-front and reminders of safety measures posted.

    An at-risk student, known as a less than model student, told my DIL that if he had to wear a mask to come back to school, then he was okay with that.

    Nobody wants masks to become a permanent part of normal, but as we await herd immunity and a good cure and a vaccine and full knowledge of this nasty virus, most of us in my area are okay with following safety measures and moving toward getting back in full in public life.


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