The Politics of the China Virus

I think that at one time or another, everyone of us say something that is in the heat of the moment. It’s human nature. To come back later and say it wasn’t really meant, at least not in that way, is to me too little, too late because at the time, it was clearly meant exactly the way it was spoken. Although I try not to let emotion override reason, it happens – a little more rarely as I’ve gotten older – but it still occurs. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never disliked anyone to an extent where even in that moment, I’ve wished ill on that person – some harm to befall them.

When I suddenly observe dozens (hundreds?) of people wishing death on Donald Trump, I know that this is exactly what they mean and it may not be put off to a momentary lapse of reason: these people are evil incarnate to wish death on someone simply because they disagree with their politics. I woke up Friday to the news about the president and first lady. I was of course, concerned, as anyone would be, or so I thought. I would think the same if the news were about Nancy Pelosi, or even Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. I would hope they had a rapid recovery but in today’s world, it seems to be the wrong attitude to hold for those you disagree with personally or politically.

What was striking to me was the number of Twitter “blue checks” that wished the president to die. If you don’;t know what these are, they are people in media or entertainment that have “verified” accounts so that anyone reading tweets from these accounts knows it comes fro the account holder and is not hijacked. Here’s just one link that shows how depraved some people have become. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this in my lifetime. I’m not saying it hasn’t occurred, I just haven’t seen it to this extent. Plus, the media piling on as well. Here’s what Jake Tapper had to say on his show, State of the Union:

Sick and in isolation, Mr. President, you have become a symbol of your own failures. Failures of recklessness, ignorance, arrogance. The same failures you have been inflicting on the rest of us … Get well and get it together

Imagine if he had said that of say, former president Obama or, more noticeably , if he used language like that toward Joe Biden today. Think he would have a job tomorrow? Wonder why Trump despises the media? Imagine their reaction when Trump wins reelection. It’s no unlikely he will win and as I noticed the other day when all of these death wishes were coming out, these people were only ensuring a Trump victory next month. Think about how this ill will translates to the average voter and think about how these people may be driving Trumps base out to vote in greater numbers.

Consider the level of animosity then think if someone you liked and respected were under this kind of assault.

2 thoughts on “The Politics of the China Virus

  1. There are good and decent people and there are the others. Doesn’t matter if they are religious or have no religion. The others have been on full display, seeming to believe that most agree with them. Twitter is NOT America. It is only around 14% of America and most may be bots. MSM believes that Twitter is America and so they act accordingly, because they are morons.


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