It’s Almost Over. Finally.

So, I’m just hanging out today, watching some English football (soccer, in the (U.S.) trying to not pay any attention to any of the news channels concerning the election. I have changed the channel over a couple of times and I heard something on some show I hadn’t really paid attention to before. It’s this: there’ll be more Republican voters going out on Tuesday to vote than Democrat.

Why? It’s simple: Democrats have been warning, putting fear in their own voter base about voting in person due to the China virus. That’s why they’ve been pushing for a 50 state mail in ballot law as part of the relief package in the House. don’t get me wrong, I think that mail in voting can work, and it does in some states, but it’s taken them a while to get it right. The reason is that people move, or die, and there’s no way initially for the state to know any of this and therefore have names of people on the voting rolls that don’t exist anymore. So it takes time to clean up the voter rolls.

Something I was unaware of is that it’s the registered voters’ responsibility to notify the state if they’re moving out of state so that their name may be removed from the active voter roll. Well, it is in my state, and I’ve asked some others I know that live in different states and they’ve confirmed that to be the case where they live as well. That would help, some, but I have to say I think most people, especially if they’re moving across country, deregistering as a voter won’t even be on the list. It never has been for me and where I am now is the fifth state I‘ve resided since being an adult.

But I think this election will come down to voter turnout and I think the edge there, simply because of the Democratic messaging, will go to Republicans. But we’ll see and we’ll also see how many accusations from either side is made about potential voter fraud. Although it seems like every four years, there’s accusations of that, I hope it’s held to a minimum this year.

I’ve voted already, early voting here and was surprised, two weeks ago, how many people were there and I don’t live in a huge city (~50K). I think the turnout, at least where I am, is going to be good and that’s always good for elections. When forty percent of the electorate vote is that really a mandate for anyone? Apathy is the exact opposite of what we need in this country, as I believe those we have elected take that to mean we don’t care what they do, if anything.

I ready for this year to be over. Oh! I heard Trump say in his speech in Fayetteville, NC, that “the virus will be over on Nov. 4”, meaning that the media has hyped the virus statistics a lot to attempt to hurt his campaign. I laughed, before I changed the channel back to the game because that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for months now.

One thought on “It’s Almost Over. Finally.

  1. How are you doing waiting for the election results? My friend asked me if I had lost interest in the election, since I wasn’t talking much with her about it. I said that there isn’t much reason to talk about it and I can’t do anything, but just wait…life goes on, and my days are busily filled. Just wait.

    But…I wake in the early morning and can’t get back to sleep, and my mind starts to wander with problem scenarios, until I finally get up. The day of the election, I told my husband that I felt as I did in 2016; that maybe we (the USA) have to go all the way down, before we can haul ourselves back up, and that it might fall to our children and grands to do that.


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