Republicans Need to Begin to Talk About Kitchen Table Issues

I’ve ben reading lately how the expected Red Wave this November might not be much more than ripple. Some Republicans believe their House wins may only be in single digits. Of course, it’s most likely still going to be in double digits for the House but prbably not asmany as previously expected \ wich was at least 50. Why the supposed shift? It’s message. In my state candidates are talking about all the wrong issues. The right issues? Inflation, gas prices, crime, education. Those are still at the top every poll where I live. What is being talked about? The Roe decision. No one cares about that and democrats here are actually running ads against republicans concerning Row. Republicans need to ignore those phony ads and speak about thpse kitchen table usses that affect people in their daily lives. If they don’t, Republicans will get what they deserve from voters because it’ll be clear that they are no more interested in the plight of their constituents than the democrats so why change anything?

People Have Lost Trust in Government

I was listening , this morning, to a podcast I was a guest on, from a couple of months ago. Don’t know if you know about Apostasy Now, but as of this morning, MrDragonbeard has posted the podcast. It’s long and I think you can tell because near the end, I seem to start rambling. The podcast is a little over 3 hours long. Ouch. Anyway, listening to what is now history had me thinking about what I believed then, about the election in the US, and what I know now. It also brings to mind the discussion we had about the pandemic and what I’ve come to think since that recording.

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Is the U.S. Declining Towards the Third World?

It’s not unexpected. People are rightfully concerned that the 2020 election was stolen. The issue is that there is no one, the media especially, will do even a modicum of investigation to detrmine iof any of these “conspiracy theories” are correct or not. They ignore it. why? They – all of the mainstream media were behind Hillary Clinton in 2016 and even predicted, right before election night that year, there was only a 1.7% chance that Donald Trump would become president. Were they wrong or what? So immediately the press, began a campaign against any Trump administration. Yes, starting November 9. 2016.

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Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

‘I wanted to spite my face.’

So I was speaking with an acquaintance, a former colleague, who it turns out voted for Biden. I don;t know this person very well and just happened to run into him this past weekend. He was, well, gleeful to be rid of Trump. I of course, reminded him that Biden was not confirmed as the winner. there are challenges and court cases to go through before the December 14th conclave of the Electoral College.

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Stop With the Conspiracy Nonsense

I have to stop and do a sort of formal reply to all the liberal/progressive nonsense I’m seeing on Twitter right now. It’s getting ridiculous. The latest? There’s a coup d’tat occurring in the United States. Well, if that’s true then that coup is against Donald Trump since he’s still President of the United States until January 20, 2021.

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