The Media Doesn’t Decide Elections

I’m not particularly upset with the election itself. I mean, we had more people vote in this election than in any other in our history – even if a large number of those votes were by people born over 100 years ago, and many that no longer reside in the states in which they voted. Of course, in some states it was perfectly fine for me to sign your ballot as you, without any signature verification being done. What’a funny is that in a county of 125,000 residents (men, women, children), there were over 200,000 ballots cast. I was abruptly informed that this was the new math, All of these have yet to be adjudicated and no one knows how the court (yes, eventually the Supreme Court) will rule on any of these challenges.

I guess if anything, what bothers me is a declaration of a winner by the media, and one of the candidates themselves. none of that is legal in our system. The media do not decide who is president and the candidate? Well, the only reason that happened is because the media declared. Each state has to certify the vote and with challenges in some states imminent, that precludes anyone, especially media, to make any final call. So, no matter what you’ve been told, as of this writing, there is no “President-Elect”. Here’s just a few problems that have come to light in recent days and I agree with the author: is this just incompetence or actual malice? The good part? It won’t take long to adjudicate the challenges and we should know soon. There are either constitutional violations or there are not.

Right now, there are millions of people who believe that a few states, heck. a few cities, have stolen this election, When the government of a state comes out a couple of day before the election and declares that one candidate will not carry his state, and that same candidate is way ahead, then suddenly, overnight actually, behind, it makes people wonder. When there’s video of boxes of ballots being dropped off at 0400 on November 4, it raises questions. Mail-in ballots with no postmark, unsigned mail-in ballots that by individual state law are invalid, are now somehow valid? Theres something wrong here. It may not be enough to change the outcome but if there is malice proven, people need to go to prison. For life. Why? Manipulating the outcome of any election makes us no better than a 3rd world country. How can we criticize Venezuela’s elections when we appear to be doing the same?

Here’s what’s happening right now: Countries around the world are laughing at us. Yes, the great USA cannot now carry out an election without there being accusations of massive fraud. We used to send observers to other countries to ensure fair elections. Now will other countries be sending observers here? That’s not a joke.

I think its really interesting to hear the same people that for 4 years declared that the current president was illegitimate, to suddenly say, hey, this is a perfectly fair election. In fact, don’t worry about what we’re doing, just believe that what we’re doing is fair. Remember right before the election that Hillary Clinton, still in disbelief that she fairly lost the 2016 election, made a statement to the Biden campaign that no matter what, they should not concede. Yes, this bitter old woman made this statement. I don’t know of professional athletes, who gave lost the World Series, or the Super Bowl and complained at the tie of some bad calls, held onto it with a desperate grip, for 4 freaking years. This is not the America i was born into, nor the one in which I maturated.

No matter the outcome, I think its safe to say that neither candidate was given a mandate for their policies and if it did anything, because of the losses the Democrats had in the House, that maybe these 2 parties should try to work together, you know, for the American people. I don;t see that happening even though it would be refreshing. If Trump actually loses, here’s what the country has to look forward to:

Republicans will most likely retain the Senate. No meaningful legislation will be passed for at least 2 years (the Harry Reid model).

Biden will to appease the far left, forbid fracking on federal land thus losing some 2-300,000 jobs in states the democrats need to hold or take in 2022.

The Republicans need to remember that the 71+ million votes that were cast in 2020 does not translate to “Republican support”. Those votes were for Trump, not the GOP. They will have a lot of work ahead to convince those voters to help them keep the Senate in 2022 or take more seats in the House. Based on past performance? Well, we’ll see.

Has anyone noticed any rioting by Trump supporters? some rallies for sure, but any property destruction? None that I’ve heard of -yet – and I would encourage everyone, on both sides, to remain calm. It’s just one election.

One thought on “The Media Doesn’t Decide Elections

  1. Recently, Biden declared that he would claim victory when the media said that he won the election. WTF?! We all know who the real power is in politics, do we not? Rumor has it that if he loses the election, Trump will start his own network news and administer the final death blow to the MSM.


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