Vote Local for Meaningful Changes in Your Life

I’ve been noticing an uprising in our country. No, it’s not an insurrection, it’s voters saying enough. Enough of government telling me what is appropriate to say, how to address people that I don’t even know, what books I can or cannot read, and it goes on and on. Who’s to blame? Well watch conservative news television or listen to conservative talk radio and they’ll tell you: the left. But is that true? Of course we’re seeing more leftwing policies implemented in all areas of our lives but who’s really to blame for what is going on?

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Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

‘I wanted to spite my face.’

So I was speaking with an acquaintance, a former colleague, who it turns out voted for Biden. I don;t know this person very well and just happened to run into him this past weekend. He was, well, gleeful to be rid of Trump. I of course, reminded him that Biden was not confirmed as the winner. there are challenges and court cases to go through before the December 14th conclave of the Electoral College.

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Voter Fraud or Wishful Thinking?

I don’t know why people can’t see it, but isn’t it strange that the same people (well, a lot of the same people) who complained about a rigged election in 2016 (It was the Russians!) are now saying any complaints of fraud or rigging are completely baseless. Of course, as far as they’re concerned, their candidate won the election so it seems the rule is this: If my candidate wins, the election was fair and honest. If my candidate loses, the election was stolen.

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It’s a Strange Election Season

‘I Voted’ sticker on the black background.

As the election draws near, Im starting to hear about concerns from Democrats that they will not be able to get across the line. Of course, those are some Democratic pundits and yes, it’s a close election, and will anyone run away with this election? Hard to say but what I keep seeing is a huge surge for Trump.

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Being an “Anti” Voter Does Nothing For The Country

As the election draws closer, the murmuring, the whispers, as to who will win have become more prevalent. Unlike the media, or activists, most of us keep our opinions on that matter to ourselves. We don’t believe in the polls at all (remember 2016?) so, we’re going to do our part (vote) and wait for the outcome. But conversations between friends and colleagues do occur. Personally, I am interested in who someone is going to vote for (or has already voted for), not for any other reason that it tells me something about that person I probably was unaware of initially.

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