Confessions of a TV Addict

I’m going to admit to a problem. I’m an addict. A television addict. Why do I know this? Bevause, the last few months one of the first things I do in the morning is turn on the TV. I even know what’s on, during the week, when. Well, normally. Sometimes, stations will abruptly change their programming. I tend to think it’s just to piss me off.

Another reason I know I am addicted to television is I will sit  and flip through the channels saying to myself: nope, nope, nope.  to what is being called programming.  I’m not sure of what show specifically I am looking for, or a genre, it’s just that none of what I am seeing in those seconds between flips is it. Finally, I end up yelling at characters on shows that I settle on watching. Why don’t you just go commit suicide, you skanky piece of crap! is something I might yell at some show where I am supposed to be feeling  empathy for this character that is only in the situation because he/she placed themselves there. Okay, actually the writers placed the character in that situation and maybe I should be yelling at the box to fire the idiot writers of this show.

So, I’ve recognized this problem of mine for a while now, but I’ve also refused to attempt to do anything about it. I mean, it’s not like there’s a Television Anonymous where a person can get support from others trying to break the addiction of the evil  black box that feeds on your mind and (if you believe in those things) your soul as well. It’s an addiction, but one where the addict is left to his or her own methods for dealing with it. 

A friend of mine, also an addict,  has dealt with his problem, to a degree, by just unplugging his television. I can see how that would work but what addicts are usually encouraged to do is to abstain entirely which to me would mean selling or giving away your TV’s. Unplugging is fine, but then there it is, the big black screen sitting there staring back at you and taunting you to turn it on. Of course, we addicts could just cancel our cable or satellite subscriptions. That would go a long way to help because then, your stuck with just those channels that are broadcast over the air. But then, there’s more than the 3 big networks that are being broadcast. Of course, that’s like being on methadone for a heroin addict, right?

Television is just. like a lot of other things today: smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops,  all these things that connect to the Internet (like your TV!). they kind of have us, don’t they? I mean, are there really any newspapers around where you can get local, national, and international news? A few, but most that have survived today have a huge presence on the Internet. I could always read a book, but there are no bookstores (or few) anymore. In my little city (around 50K population) no bookstores exist anymore. Amazon has killed those businesses.  So I can read a book on my phone or my tablet, but that really isn’t the same is it? Again, I’m receiving my entertainment electronically.  

I realize that my addiction is just more than television, it’s to electronics overall. TV is the big one, with the tablet I’m currently writing on being secondary and an enabler because once I get bored with one, I go to the other. I can actually sit, watch an entire hour program on TV, and not be able to tell you what I just watched because in the interim, I was distracted by something online, and vice-versa.

So what is it I can do to stem this never ending addiction? Well, I made a start today. I haven’t turned on the TV so far today. I did turn on the radio, but for me, that’s just background noise to whatever else I may be doing. Like this. It also allows me to think about doing something, if not just around the house, busy work, to keep my mind occupied and not leashed to the television. 

Of course I won’t give up TV for good, even though that would be good. I do need to be more responsible with my viewing. Moderate when I watch the tube. When I think I’m bored, the last thing I want to do is drink. that’s what TV is, a drink. So , finding something else to do in the meantime, until that boredom has dissipated, I think is a better solution overall. 

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a TV Addict

  1. Bless your heart. You can probably get books at the library by calling them up and requesting the latest from your favorite author, then setting a time for a pick up. That is how we do it here, now. Buying books is a good idea, unless you don’t ever read books again. There is my addiction…one of them, anyway.

    We watch DVDs of tv shows we have collected, so we can watch them when we want to…and without commercials. So…we have a movie and tv series addiction, but indulge only when we have time to relax; eating dinner and after. Other than that time, we never watch our television, which is not connected to anything that brings in network or cable stuff.

    I fuss at the characters, too, even when I know that the writers MUST allow them to do stupid things against their character in order to advance the plot. LOL. My husband is more reserved, except when he spots mistakes in weaponry, etc.

    It is just the difference in lifestyles and employment. We don’t have much down time and during planting and harvest season and Summer hours, we don’t watch much at all. Sometimes we don’t get on line for days, but then sometimes we don’t get down the lane to pick up the mail for days, either. LOL. Whatever works for you, is okay. Still…maybe you should watch shows that don’t bring out the beast in you. That should help your blood pressure, too.

    I tend to need background noise most of the time, but talk radio is my choice…yet sometimes it can drive me nuts.


    • One thing about books: I love the “smell” of books. It sounds ridiculous, but, yes, they do have a smell of paper and ink (new books) and I also like the tactile experience. You don’t get that with Kindle books. But, with the Kindle app on my iPad, I can travel, like I’m going to soon, with a decent library of texts I can read on the plane or at my destination. So there’s an advantage there.
      With TV, it has yoo much become the default. My kid is home 3 days a week for school and whenever she comes downstairs, if the TV is on (it is) she’ll stop and look. So that was another reason to wean myself from the “boob tube”.
      There are some shows on networks I like in the evening, butI’m going to try and restrict those a bit. My daughter LOVES the Food Network so she’s always in the other room in the evening watching a few of those shows. She’s actually, at 1, a good cook and a fantastic baker. So I don’t mind her watching that stuff because she’ll sit there with her iPad, find the recipes she’s interested in and print them out.
      But my addiction is/was getting up in the morning, turning on the TV, then getting a cup of coffee. That has stopped. I turn on the radio in the living room. I have to prepare breakfast anyway so I’m not actually “watching” TV anyway. And yes, talk radio. It’s still background noisse but it’s not something I have to pay attention to constantly.

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