Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

‘I wanted to spite my face.’

So I was speaking with an acquaintance, a former colleague, who it turns out voted for Biden. I don;t know this person very well and just happened to run into him this past weekend. He was, well, gleeful to be rid of Trump. I of course, reminded him that Biden was not confirmed as the winner. there are challenges and court cases to go through before the December 14th conclave of the Electoral College.

Of course he disputed that saying that the media had declared Joe Biden as the President-Elect, the 46th President of the United States. I have argued this too many times in my life: The press doesn’t decide who’s president and there’s no “President-Elect” until the electoral College votes. so I smiled and went on my way. We had exchanged phone numbers and emails because, honestly, I don’t judge people by the politics. I mean, if I did, I wouldn’t know a lot of people. Even those that are consumed with Trump derangement, I can find a way to get long with, because I just don’t discuss politics with them.

But last evening I received an email from this former colleague, the Biden voter that in one way, confirmed what I had been saying for months about people who were/did vote for Biden but the remainder of the email was, well, a bit frightening and is a classic case of not knowing what you’re voting for, when you vote for a certain candidate. Yes, this guy was an “Anybody But Trump” voter, and would’ve, as I described to someone else recently, voted for a dead cat if it was on the ballot. And basically, this former colleague admitted in his email, that’s exactly what he did.

He’s realized that everything that he’s been told about Biden, from the TV advertisements, is mostly false. Yes, he realized, his taxes will go up if Biden can make it happen and he makes a lot less than $400K. Yes, he will lose his healthcare according to Biden’s plan. Biden has already said he would reinstitute the Iran Nuclear Deal ans well as the Paris climate Accord, the first of which will allow Iran to get and possibly use a nuclear missile in the very near future, the second which benefits China, India, and our European allies, while penalizing and punishing the American people.

Biden already has a number of pre-written executive orders that will negate those of the Trump administration as to immigration and DACA from the southern border as well as the one preventing people from some states in the middle east that harbor terrorists.

This person dosen’t support any of these initiatives. So, since these are some of the big initiatives the Biden campaign has spoken about, why did he vote for Biden? Well, I already know: he hates Trump with something like I’ve never witnessed before. When asked what Trump has done to garner is distaste, what policy or policies, he can’t name a single one. It’s Trump and. we have to hate Trump. Okay.

I’m now actually wondering how many people voted for Biden without knowing that if he won, what he would do to change the country? As I’ve said before, I think a lot. they don’t care who’s president as long as it’s not Trump. they haven’t thought beyond that.

5 thoughts on “Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

  1. Doesn’t shock me. They’re so placidly happy sawing off the branch they’re sitting on.
    It’s almost as if they’ve been programmed in some way.


  2. This says it all, Jim. “When asked what Trump has done to garner is distaste, what policy or policies, he can’t name a single one. It’s Trump and. we have to hate Trump.” And..hate is too soft a word, people despise him, he disgusts them, he is nasty and rude. So they voted against Trump because of hate and for Biden/Harris because they hated Trump. It blows my mind that they have no idea what they have done to the country because they irrationally hated Trump for being Trump.

    Not even “useful idiots” describes such fools.


  3. I voted for Biden, but don’t expect to lose my health care, not just because he said so during his campaign, but because it’s not part of a moderate democrat’s platform. I’ll also take him at his word about not raising taxes for people making less than $400k, but I’m not super confident about that. Trump’s tax cut was nice, but as a Libertarian, my taxes are always WAY too high regardless of Dem or Republicans in congress or the white house. If Republicans were truly fiscally conservative, I would sign up tomorrow. I work in environmental compliance (not a tree hugger) for a large manufacturer and from my perspective, many industries are “doing the right thing” aligned with sustainability, including the Paris accord, because it’s good for business. We get alot of value from the public’s view of our environmental impact and proactive approach to where technology and demand are headed. I’m a Libertarian, so not a big fan of either side, but I know that my company essentially (lightly veiled) endorsed Biden primarily because of alternative energy and other sustainability initiatives that are the inevitable future based on the overall customer driven market. The green new deal is often a dog whistle for the right, but that’s not on the table. There’s a difference between it and measured policy that supports development of clean energy/manufacturing etc. In other words, the future is coming whether we like it or not. For example, I may not want an electric vehicle but they will soon outperform gas/diesel counterparts and (a little ways down the road) make them cost prohibitive.


    • Well, my point was that there were people that voted for Biden just because he wasn’t Trump and not that they either knew, or if they knew, agreed with all or any of his policies. That’s a shame but I do understand it a little bit. In 2008 I could not vote for Obama, nor could I vote for McCain (I live in AZ) because I thought he was a useless, warmongering, POS. So I voted for the Libertarian on the ballot, not knowing what that person stood for, specifically. I know what libertarians in general stand for, but I had never heard anything this candidate had to say.
      I think I should’ve known more about that candidate at the time because I knew long before that I wasn’t going to vote for either of the others.In a way, like the guy I mentioned, it was more of a protest vote than anything else.


  4. And what do you make of Chuck Schumer, who yells, “Now, we take Georgia, then we change the World!” And then, “Now we take Georgia, then we change America!”

    I remember when Obama said “we are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America” and I replied to the radio, “I don’t want to fundamentally transform the United States of America!” Biden has also said he will “transform” America.

    As a Conservative with Libertarian leanings, I do not trust any Progressive Liberal that claims to be a Moderate Democrat. I was a moderate Democrat before the Left and Socialists took over the party. Let’s face facts; a Biden-Harris win means a Harris win, an AOC win, and Omar win, a Chuck Schumer win and a Pelosi win. Perhaps, with a Rep. Senate majority, we can resist the “fundamental transformation”, the Chuck-Change of America and the push to run this country the way Venezuela was run into the sewer.

    Far too many people voted using their hatred and disgust of Trump’s personality, but they tossed all civic responsibility aside. I have often thought that removing the requirement of property ownership from the voting requirements might have been a bad idea for the continuance of the Republic.


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