Stop With the Conspiracy Nonsense

I have to stop and do a sort of formal reply to all the liberal/progressive nonsense I’m seeing on Twitter right now. It’s getting ridiculous. The latest? There’s a coup d’tat occurring in the United States. Well, if that’s true then that coup is against Donald Trump since he’s still President of the United States until January 20, 2021.

Of course these people making statements like this are clueless as to the process in this country. It’s not unusual for their to be a challenge to a particular state’s votes, and it’s usually decided within a few days. For those that are claiming something more nefarious, I’d like them to look up the Gore v Bush election of 2000. Al Gore did not concede for a month after the election and no, you left-wing conspiracy theorists, the Supreme Court didn’t give the presidency to George W Bush. What they said was that Florida could not keep recounting ballots until they received the outcome they wanted.

So yes, the original count that George W, Bush won Florida by was 537 votes. A month later? It was 537 votes.

By the way, even CNN has pulled away, for now, calling the race for Biden. Why? Arizona is up for grabs. So, Joe Biden does not in fact have 270 electoral votes. Also, Georgia is performing a hand recount because there are so many issues that have been found with ballots.

This morning though, has been crazy online. I’ve seen more conspiracy related nonsense – from those that claim to be skeptics – than I did in 2016, and there was a boatload of it then! Of course, I see comments like, the USA is broken, from people who are upset because, so far, they haven’t had their way. Who acts like that? Oh yeah, a toddler. Of course, we’re also being called stupid by some and that one reminds me of the 2016 Brexit vote where those that know better called the 52% that voted for Brexit the same. Remember the outrage in the US election that same year? the memes that were generated of crowds of people screaming their outrage and pain because they lost an election.

They’re acting the same now, we just don’t have video of the screaming and wailing – yet. If you cheat to try and win an election, you of course deserve not to win. Please don’t come back and say that there’s no evidence of voter fraud when in one county in Michigan, there are over 1,000 depositions from people claiming fraud. There’s a postal worker, who’s been placed on unpaid leave, who’s said that they were told to back date any ballots that came in after November 3rd. There’s dozens of other examples and yes, with both Pennsylvania and Michigan back in the mix? That may be the end for Manchurian Joe.

But right now, we don’t know and wouldn’t it be better to stop and let the process work itself through before making outrageous conspiracy theories or claims of a coup, which can’t happen anyway because Biden is not in fact, President.

One thought on “Stop With the Conspiracy Nonsense

  1. The horror that these unstable minds might have elected the future President of the US, and support her agenda can become too much, if I think long on it. I intend to roll with the punches, until 2022 and then in 2024. Hoping that the economy can hold on and America as a Constitutional Republic can be maintained by Conservative leaders in the Senate and House and in State governments.

    By the way, and it was probably a typo, but it is spelled “coup d’etat” with an acute accent over the “e” meaning literally a “blow of state.”


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