Why No One Believes What We’re Being Told

So, I’m confused. Not that this should be a revelation to anyone, especially myself, but in times like we’ve been going through in 2020, well, I think we can all forgive each other for some level of confusion about what exactly is going on in our world. It’s nothing that makes me angry, in fact, in most ways, my confusion confirms what I’ve been thinking, discussing with friends, and even writing about here for several months.

Now, I don’t necessarily think my reading skills are anything to be applauded, but I do read and I thin I am able to adequately discern what I’ve read without having to have an interpreter. Sometimes I think I do need someone to interpret what I’ve just read because the writer has been so obtuse, they’ve buried the lead, which is actually an art today. It’s an art, because most of those writing for publications, in my opinion, have zero skill in providing information to the public. Reading some articles online is like watching a kindergartner with finger paint.

So, you may be frustrated now and want me to get to the point. I will, I just wanted to rant a bit about the press beforehand so you would understand my very real confusion. Everyone that regularly visits this site has seen previous posts on the Wuhan virus and the confusion over what the government has told us, the public, what to do: Mask or no mask. They finally settled on masking. Okay that’s fine. Social distancing was never a problem, of course unless you were involved in a social justice protest, then masks and distancing weren’t important anymore because it seems the virus can detect a crowd of thousands at a political rally that will probably all die from the virus, but the same amount of people, on the streets, burning, looting, assaulting, nope, the virus understands their plight. I, like many of you, ridiculed these people, these “professionals” that were only virtue signaling and trying to enhance their woke credentials. Fine. As far as I can determine, left and right, these people were widely derided online. Of course the MSM, at least that which I saw, found them “brave” – while people were dying.

I’ve been making the joke that if Joe Biden won the presidential election then the Wuhan virus would become a back page story. In other words, the pandemic would be over, according to the press. I don’t claim any prescience about anything but I recently saw an article which seemed to prove me correct. Now, before I fo there, let me say that Wuhan cases in the U.S. have increased this fall, along with hospitalizations and deaths. Not to the degree we were witness to early on, but this is a fact no one can ignore. Even the President’s Task Force warned of this in early summer. So this is one call I will give them: the Virus is not yet done with us or anyone else around the world.

Then I read this article, recently.  Okay, I thought, this is good news, right, or did I read the article and not understand what was being said? Well, Dr, Fauci never said the pandemic was over, but said no worries. At least that’s the way I took it. To be honest, I’ve taken what the government has said with little validity because agency to agency they cannot decide  what the correct approach is to a possible pandemic. 

I say “possible pandemic” simply because, of those actual pandemics we are aware millions haven’t died. Consider the Plague of 1347. Oh wait! How about the Plague of, Justinian in the 6th century?  So wait! Is Fauci  declaring the pandemic over? Read the article. It’s really more of a “maybe” than anything else but  the headline would tell any reasonable person, that the pandemic is in decline. Right? Wait. Maybe not so much depending on what the same person tells another media outlet. the article I just linked is dated  November 12, 2020. And, on first view, appears to be good news for everyone. Maybe. 

I love the pursuit of science. I really do. I recognize that science has it’s faults but the bottom line is that there are men and women dedicating their lives to understanding and healing disease as well as those that want to understand the universe. Government, in order to explain science to we plebs, often hire those as spokespersons, so that we may understand and of course when necessary, obey any dictates coming from the government. During this pandemic though, what does government expect us to do other than be distant and wear masks? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. That’s the problem that most Americans see, hell, most people around the world see as well. No government can tell their citizenry what it takes to quell this virus. Sure, we can do as Victoria, Australia has done and shut down the entire province for 111 days. But then what?

Do they allow anyone to come into or leave and comeback, or do they have an entire province  locked in, where even movement within is carefully administered. That’s plain and upfront fascism. If the goal is zero cases, then they did succeed but for how long? As soon as people from other parts of the country travel to Melbourne, won’t there be a chance that the virus will come with them? Or will they test everyone before they’re allowed to cross the provincial border or get on an airplane?

Then I saw this, Yes it appears that at least someone, the same person  in the last interview, is saying something different? I mean, is there a pandemic or not? If we’re slowly coming out of a pandemic, then what’s the purpose of the article saying that we need to do what we’re told? Is this in our future? In a country of nearly 330 million people I think it would be difficult to enforce anything that people didn’t want to do and they can’t place the entire country in jail. 

It’s the lack of consistency that  have people in an uproar. No one knows what to do, where to go for complete information. People won’t obey because they’re unsure what it is they’re  supposed to do at any time. And now we have doctors telling us we must obey. Obey what? Obey who? I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. No, I’m not referring to the virus.

3 thoughts on “Why No One Believes What We’re Being Told

  1. I do not believe the infected or death toll reported numbers any longer.
    Whenever a hospital admits or discharges a patient or if the patient dies in their care that is barely asymptomatic, they are compensated 15% more according to the CARES ACT, SEC 4409. If someone dies of heart disease and was slightly asymptomatic, the post mortem is automatically COVID. How convenient for a hospital in a budget crisis. Hell, I even read one AP report of an elderly man who died in a car crash in August where they “mistakenly” listed the cause of death as covid. Then they retracted it, only after a whistleblower called them out on it.
    Got the common cold? No, you have covid.
    Got a seasonal flu? No, you have covid.
    Got a case of hay fever? No, you have covid.
    Got an ear or sinus infection? No, you have covid.
    Got a sore throat? No, you have covid.
    Got a urinary infection? No, you have covid.
    Got a 4 alarm hangover? Nope, you have 90proof covid.

    I still wear masks every time I go into any kind of business. But it’s just a personal choice. Sometimes I think we’d be better off if we just let nature take its course and let it run thru the population (healthy people are the only ones that should be out really) and then it seems we’d build some sort of immunity and decrease the time frame of the whole nightmare. If we keep locking down healthy people it seems to me it just prolongs the entire thing.
    I wear masks because I think it’s worth it even if it gives me like a 50/50 protection. But also because I know the people working in those businesses are exposed to many different people and I’d like to keep going to those businesses and I need them healthy for me to keep going 🤣

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  2. I believe that reality is complicated. I believe that scientists do their best to figure it out. I believe we have never been faced with a situation where there is such a need for clear facts and scientists are given so little time to figure it out.
    Malaria research has been going on for decades and we still haven’t figured it out.
    The problem is that we don’t read the scientific articles with all their nuances. We read the newspaper articles that dumb it down and interpret it in their own way.

    We could blame the media for this but this truth is that people crave simple truths and prefer to read the short and easy version. If they can figure out what to do and think just by reading the headlines, that would be even better.

    The tragedy is that that does not give us more clarity. It gives us confusion and mistrust.

    I feel your frustration and I agree with it partially. If everybody would read as much as you do, it would help though. We nay still not agree, but at least we can check if we are basing our ideas on the same information.

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  3. Heavy sigh… From the beginning, all people have each known that those who want to protect themselves from contracting Covid 19 should follow the common sense suggestions on how to avoid any communicable disease. Masks work, if for no other reason, but to keep you from touching your nose and mouth, and as a reminder that there are “germs” that move about from the act of breathing/talking.

    So far, the transmissions of which I am aware in our area have come from carelessness in following these suggestions at some point. Private functions seem to be the best scenarios for transmission, but just 2 weeks ago a group of 9 nurses each contracted Covid from their un-masked and careless times in their break-room at work; two were hospitalized.

    Here in Maryland, we have seen an increase starting the week after Halloween…surprise, surprise! Young people mostly and our high schools were affected, so that in some districts the BOE opted to move back a step in their plan and will do virtual-learning only until December. But that is after Thanksgiving, which will no doubt bring an even higher surge. The Gov is strongly advising against large gatherings and especially against travel to states where the Positivity Tracking Rate is high, and asks people to self-quarantine/get tested if they must travel there.

    There should be no hysteria because of the surges, as anybody that was paying attention, or had a thinking brain, well knew that the yearly flu season would bring more cases of our new viral infection. And, people still get Influenza; a strain is going around our area right now. So far, nobody on the farm has gotten any illness since we have been practicing the main suggestions of wear a mask when indoors in public places and when conditions are crowded out of doors, don’t touch your face when out an about, try to keep a distance from others, and sanitize and wash hands often, especially after exposure to places that aren’t home. Nobody’s perfect, but so far, so good. We aren’t going to stop doing that until a vaccine and very good treatments are available to the general public.

    So, in all honesty, it doesn’t matter to us what any expert or radical tells us, because we, each of us, is responsible for his or her own health, as well as, the health of those with whom we live and work. That is, none of us wants to be the reason that somebody else gets Covid 19.


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