There Was a Rally?

I actually wasn’t paying too much attention over the weekend or I think I would’ve heard about the “Million MAGA March” or whatever it was called – a rally of Trump supporters in Washington D.C. I did see some remarks from those with #TDS that no, there were far fewer than a million people there, but, just look at that photo: there’s still quite a few people that showed up.

From what I understand, duiing the day, it ws mostly peoaceful. I read later some of what I would not refer to as objective reporting calling out Trump supporters for violent activities but, that seems like mostly wishful thinking from Antifa/BLM who, based on actual reporting, later in the day did begin assaults on Trump supporters, some of it looked serious. I don’t know how many arrests were made but it did look like in the evening that the police were attempting to keep things calm and remove people that were attacking what seemed to be innocent people.

We can really never know for sure because it appeared there was a news blackout on the entire event. As conservatives, we’ve seen that happen before. A lot. Yes, there were some conservative news people around but as far as I know, this hardly made television and to know anything about it, most of us had to look at the video that was being posted online. Of course had this been a Biden rally, you can believe there’d be a hundred reporters from every national outlet covering the event wall-to-wall.

I think, though, what caught my attention was all of the online hate I saw in my Twitter timeline. What’s more incredible is that some of these people’s profile show them to be people of peace yet, by their tweets, I wouldn’t have known it. I’m pretty sure I have never witnessed such utter hatred from some peope simply because the lost an election.

Even this year, businesses in multiple cities around the country, were boarding up their doors and windows and not because they expected Joe Boden to win, but the opposite and if anyones noticed? No “right-wing” looting and burning has been goiong on but I think we could expect that based on what may happen in the courts. I hope not, but it’s the left’s modus operandi: they don’t get their way? They make everyone pay for their disappointment.

Don’t expect conservatives to just disappear though. One thing that Trump did was awaken a lot of people in the country. Something the Democrats didn’t and do not want.

One thought on “There Was a Rally?

  1. If a conservative movement ever looted, you would know we were in dark times. Conservatives have a higher respect for property rights and order than the progressive wing of the Democrats does. Even if Trump ultimately loses (which seems more likely day by day), I don’t see conservatives doing anything but writing angry blog posts, maybe peacefully protesting, and then moving on. Perhaps rebranding or soul searching, but nothing violent.


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