I Don’t Believe You

Anyone here want to support anything the government, state or federal, says about COVID-19?  Seriously. When one day they say masks are ineffectual, a month later they say masks are required, what is it we are supposed to believe? Think about the virogists and epidemiologists that , some 1300 of them, said that protesting for Social Justice o the streets would not spread the virus, but those of us that want to go to the park or beach, were serious offenders?

Has anyone seen the advertisements on television about supporting the “first responders”, doctors and nurse but forget that when the George Floyd protests began, hundreds of them were outside, without masks by the way, supporting those same protests? Screw you. I wouldn’t donate a penny to save any of you lives. I hope everyone of you that were out there supporting killings, beatings, property destruction, to suffer as horribly as you allowed so many in your “care” to do so. In New York alone? Thousands. You’re  as criminally responsible for those deaths as the governor of the state is. No different than  “following orders” than the SS claimed in the Second World War.

None of the governors will ever to be held to account. The elite protect themselves.We, the hoi-poloi, are on our own and even thouigh we may have voted for one of these mass murderers, many will still again even though it was their mother, father, or grandparent that was sent to Auswitsch. Yes, I’m making a direct comparison because there are governors that preformed the same as the SS in the 2nd World War: who lives, who dies. Unfortunately for many families, it was their elder members who were chosen to die.This time, it wasn’t Jews specifically, but Christians and Muslim elders as well. And there are those, in our country, openly living without any threat of being prosecuted for their treason, just as those, in Germany who lived and prospered for so long after 1945.

And yet, we’re supposed to believe the same people when they tell us if we don’t obey, we’ll all die from the virus. After almost 10 months we keep hearing the same things from various government officials. Yet it seems the data they have doesn’t show what they’d like us to believe. For instance, there is no data, currently, that shows that bars and restaurants are massive spreaders of the Chinese virus. Unless of course the government is holding back those data. I don’t think they would if they actually had the contact tracing  they supposed do have. So, these lockdowns of business seems to be arbitrary. We have grocery stores open (of course!) as well as Large box stores like Walmart and Target, Home Depot and Lowes. Are these stores limiting the number of people inside? Not that I’ve noticed. But my Chinese Buffet down the street? Closed. Probably forever.

I see stories online as well on the MSM news shows concerning the growing resistance to what appear to be arbitrary rules. Some businesses are giving their local and state government the finger. What are they actually going to do, execute them? I’m not against being safe, but is it okay if I am allowed to use my own common sense when I’m out of my home? Have you seen the story where now you not allowed to go for a walk or a bike ride?

 I accede to those businesses that require masks upon entering and distancing when possible. It’s their business, their employees they want to keep safe as well as their customers. Also, I’m not obligated to spend my money anywhere I believe is too harsh. You’ve probably seen those videos of customers actually chasing other customers around a store because one was not wearing a mask.  A family was kicked off an airplane because the couldn’t get their two-year-old to wear a mask. Yes, we are living in a new dystopia, but in this case, it’s Monty Python.

Stories like these are why Americans, and not just Americans, but our neighbors around the world, are beginning to resist these stupid rules which have not saved a single life that can be pointed. In fact, if we want to look at government data, more people contracted the virus during lockdown (staying home) than those that were able to be out. The media call this a “myth” but even mass murderer Andrew Cuomo is shocked that people who stay at home, have the highest risk of contracting the virus in his state. Yes, this story is old, but I haven’t seen it supplanted.

We’re all angry to some extent about this virus and what we’d really like to have is our leaders, at least at the state level, to tell us the unvarnished truth. Unfortunately, that truth depends on which state you live.  Where I am, even though we have a huge spike in cases, our governor has not shut down the state. At this writing. Tomorrow? Who knows? Some states are burying their economies (e.g. NY, CA) while others are taking a chance (e.g. TX, FL, AZ, SD, etc.) hoping that what we believe we know about the virus (overall survival rate more than 99%) will eventually mean that we will develop some level of herd immunity to this as well as the rollout of vaccines will ameliorate the virus to a point where it becomes no more than a nuisance. 

We can only hope for some outcome that will take us back to the normal we had before the virus. By the way, if you haven’t been paying attention recently, the courts are beginning to rule in favor of the people, not the totalitaians. 


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe You

  1. The true science denial comes from the authorities that continue to ignore decades of scientific literature and methodology. Hopefully people will push back quickly enough before resistance will be met with government violence. It has already begun in parts of Canada.


  2. I see the daily report of deaths standing at 300,000. I do not believe this figure, please listen AFTER I explain why! When I have explained please , take the time to explain why I am wrong? The CDC keeps figures of the yearly death rate, from all causes, each year. For 2018 and 2019 that figure was 2,800,000 each year. CDC reports 300,000 deaths from COVID but the total death rate for the U.S. for 2020 is 2,600,00! That is a discrepancy of over a half million people. The numbers do not add up!


  3. Well, you have come out swinging! Good to read you, Jim.

    We have come to believe that the virus is not as easy to contract as it was, that it has lost its virility as I read in late Summer. As with influenza, if it is passed around in a crowd, it is particular about whom it infects; a wife, but not a husband; a father, but not the rest of the family…even when they get home in loose and enclosed social distancing. It can still be devastating to high risk people, but the treatment is more effective, now. On a personal level, I will let you know how my DIL’s father, who has been in hospital for a month for multiple dire conditions, now survives the Covid he has contracted…in rehab. He is receiving the antibody treatment, which Trump received.

    Yes, the deaths from Covid 19 figures are skewed. In my state, the overwhelming cases and deaths are among non-white, below poverty level citizens. I don’t know what that implies, exactly. In my locale of the state, everybody wears a mask in public places that require one, bars and restaurants are open to limited capacity (same with Walmart, and other shopping places) but our governor has made no bones about where the spikes are coming from; not bars and restaurants and parks, but from private gatherings, especially those that draw people from diverse areas to that one place.

    And, yet, still there are those isolated cases, where the Covid infected has no idea where they may have contracted the disease. Being careful doesn’t always protect…or do we do careless things without thinking. We are getting tested today because my sister visited last week, and the day after was told that she and her husband may have been exposed to a known Covid case. They have no symptoms, yet and wore masks, etc, and we doubt that the threat was real, but we are getting tested anyway.

    Certainly, this time in the novel virus year has been a learn-as-you-go experience for experts and for us regular folks. Paying attention doesn’t mean that you have to point fingers, yet we know that there have been many lies and much cover-ups and various agendas that have used this crisis. In this era of fake and faulty and downright slanted media, it will continue to be difficult to discover the truth.

    Merry Christmas, anyway. But don’t expect a new year to be better. Hang in there.


    • Remember, a few months ago, when it was reported (multiple dources) that hospitals were determining every death to be due to Covid? How about the 3K deaths that NY had to claw back as they were not, in fact, due to Covid? We actually have no idea how many deaths this year are directly fue to Covid. We have no good information concerning masks. Think about it: everyone wear a mask, in fact, according to the CDC some 97% wear a mask when they are out ALL THE TIME. Yet, the cases have been increasing. Somethings wrong here.
      If they don;t know, just tell us, “We don;t know”. That’s better than putting out false information that may be causing more harm .
      Also with a virus where there’s more than a 99% survival rate, why are we locking down and closing business? It makes no sense.
      They tell us to believe the science, but then none of these making the rules seem to understand the science.


  4. Even the over 70 crowd has a nearly 95% recovery rate. Still, there are reports of lasting effects, CFS, crystals in the lungs, neurological symptoms, which are similar to the lasting effects of other viral diseases. But…we didn’t shut down the world for then.


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