Is the U.S. Declining Towards the Third World?

It’s not unexpected. People are rightfully concerned that the 2020 election was stolen. The issue is that there is no one, the media especially, will do even a modicum of investigation to detrmine iof any of these “conspiracy theories” are correct or not. They ignore it. why? They – all of the mainstream media were behind Hillary Clinton in 2016 and even predicted, right before election night that year, there was only a 1.7% chance that Donald Trump would become president. Were they wrong or what? So immediately the press, began a campaign against any Trump administration. Yes, starting November 9. 2016.

For me, the violence at the capitol was inevitable. I mean, millions of people, not just those that support Donald Trump, believe that this election was rigged in certain states. As hard as it is to acknowledge, this is hardly the first instance of rampant voter fraud in our history. Yes, there was rampant voter fraud but in this case, unlike the past, it was actually caught on camera by independent journalists. So there is something to be said for the Internet, isn’t there? Yes, people should be upset that basically, their votes don’t seem to count and it’s the elite media and those in the Fortune 50 that determine who will lead this country. I’ve had people on both sides of the debate ask why we even vote because, oin their opinion, the outcome has already been determined.

Of course, we can condemn the violence witnessed, but this will not be the final chapter written. People are upset, rightly or wrongly concerning the direction of the country. We’ve seen widespread iots with people being killed by left-wing ideologues . Now we see the right imitating that behavior biut not in city streets where innocents have been punished simply for existing, but at the National government, a government that has an overall approval of 11% in pretty much every poll taken in the last decade. And of course, those same people call the violence against them, despicable. These same seem to have no self awareness. This violence, beginning last summer, was long in coming. We continue to elect representatives that care less for their constituents than the power they have gained over the same and the lies they keep telling those people that they are there, in Washington, to make our lives better. All we’ve noticed is that their lives have become better. They no longer represent those that cast the votes for them but the big money interests that ensure their power, election after election.

So yes, the pot gas boiled over, starting with the George Floyd debacle last May. when people beleve they are ill represented by those they’ve chosen tpo represent them, and that words are not enough to express their frustration and outrage, then yes, something is bound to happen. Just this evening, NBX spent over two hours on the protest, in primetime, something they never did during any riots this past spring/summer. While people were dying, businesses looted and burning, they just went on their way. Trump supporters causing a pause in congressional business though not a single member was hurt nor a any businesses in D.C. burned or looted, deserved more than two hours. Minutes for Antifa and BLM? Zero. Yes a woman was killed, by gunfire inside the capitol building. By police. As she was just standing about doing nothing. Think Antifa or BLM will be protesting police violence? No, just a Trump supporter. Move along. Nothing to see here. At least so say the media enablers.

I remember when the media discussed, when I was a kid, how the Democrats stole the 1960 election. That’s right, ol’ Joe Kennedy, using his mob connections, made sure that his son, Jack, won the state of Illinois which helped to turn the election fron Nixon to Kennedy. We actually learned about this fraud when I was in high school. It has since made me wonder how many before or since had some element of fraud. Now we know because some states didn’t even try to hide it. I don’t have to prove any of this because it’s all out there for anyone to read. And seriously, does anyone really believe that Joe (racist) Biden received 80 million votes? I know Biden voters that doubt that figure. Unlike in 1960, people were aware that there was something wrong with this election. how can a candidate be up by hundreds of thousands of votes when they stop counting at 3 a.m. and be down three hours later when they resume the count?

Questions that require answers and by not answering them, what has happened is that there is now a taint on elections in the USA. We’ve become no better than those countries we have criticized over the years. The new Venezuela. So yes, people are upset. there is absolutely no need for violence although unless we begin yo see a fair discussion and investigation by the media, I expect to see this continue. There will be no one to stop it. Government has already marginalized police to the extent where these officers will not want to become involved in any protest excpt to protect lives, directly.

We’ve lost the ability in recent years to discuss differences with respect to each other. there is no more discussion of differences, it has now come down to throwing Molotov cocktails and looting simply because we are unhappy with whatever the situation happens to be at the time.

2 thoughts on “Is the U.S. Declining Towards the Third World?

  1. I offer these articles for thoughtful consideration:

    And, excellent post, Jim. But we have not “lost” the ability to discuss, no indeed, it has been stolen from us. Slowly but surely, our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, petition, religion, and protest has been stolen from half or more of us American citizens. Our concerns are not the “proper” concerns, our fears are not the “rational” fears, and our children are not “ours” to rear.

    In the famous words of the ignorant child, “How dare you?!”

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  2. The violence in Washington happened because Biden and the Democrats stole the election and destroyed people’s faith in democracy. They have fatally damaged the foundations of the republic. 80 million people voted for Trump and they have been defrauded. The whole world knows it and there is no moving on from this. Trump did nothing wrong. He didn’t incite any violence. The people who condoned months of rioting, burning, and looting in American cities now want to impeach him on another false charge. They’re terrified he’ll run again and win. And if millions of Americans no longer have faith in the electoral process, who can blame them? All they wanted was transparency, and it was denied. Judges hide behind legal technicalities to avoid examining the evidence. Of course people feel defrauded, because they have been.

    I mean, is real life still a thing? Asking for 80 million friends….


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