Commentary from the “Comments”


NOTE: This post, is not my creation, but from the comments. I thought it was good enough to copy/paste it as a post so others may get a feeling of what is going on in other parts of the country and understand that what I’ve been writing about the Wuhan Virus  and our country’s response, is not a singular opinion. Thanks to Jeanne for her commentary here.

There was a protest drive-around scheduled today for Annapolis, Maryland…petition included. It is not so much that the protest is about “state-at-home” tactics, but about allowing locales with minimal contagion to get back to business. It is supposed that 40% of the current craft breweries/pubs will not get back to business and small downtowns that have struggled to survive before the lockdown, will simply die. But maybe not, for one can hope. But, yes, the authoritarian state has demanded what we must do, and folks are getting pissed off.

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