A Bad Summer for Biden

It’s been a really bad month for Joe Biden, hasn’t it? First the debacle of the exit from Afghanistan punctuated by the death of 13 service members some 18 or so critically wounded, and the more than 100 deaths of Afghans. then, on live TV, as if he didn’t care, and was wondering when this torment would be over, was caught on camera as the bodies were being sacredly delivered, checking his watch as each member were brought off the airplane at Dover.

Then, tryimng to evade and change the subkect from Afghanistan, he rudely addressed the American people and threatened all of us , like an exasperated parent, that if people would not voluntarily receive the COVID vaccine, he would find a way to force th,. This of course caused the opposite effect I believe that he expected and had people rejected his bullying and threats. Multiple states have vowed to sue based on the fact that this is outside presidential powers as defined in the constitution.

Of course, the media have been scrambling to cover for Joe on each of thee, with, in the later case, doctors (yes doctors) coming on television to state that Joe didn’t go far enough in his mandate threat go so far as to say people that are unvaccinated should be prevented interstate travel by air, train, or bus. Personal vehicles? I assume that’s on someone’s list as well.

Now, another brick has fallen and it’s a startling revelation that Chief of the Joint Chiefs may be guilty of treason starting under President Trump in 2020 (if not earlier). the reporting has been scthing and because it’s oin Bob Woodwards latest tome, most of the media seem to be taking it for the truth, for now. If this is true, and right now I doubt it. this is beyond anything we’ve witnessed from our military leaders and is in the realm of ”Seven Days in May”, a movie about the military attempting a coup de ta.As far as I’m aware, Milley has not formally responded but he’s going to have to because the charges are, well, beyond anything ever seen.

What bothers me about this charge is how a 4-star general could be that stupid to plot against a sitting president, knowing that pretty much everything he does, every email every phone call. is able tp be monitored by the NSA, especially since the Patriot Act. Some people though, may be so arrogant as to not believe they may be held accountable and it’s no secret that Milley didn’t care for his boss, Trump.

Still, I find these revelations outlandish and I hope they are, indeed, false. If it’s true at the highest in the military, how much further does the rot run through the top ranks?

9 thoughts on “A Bad Summer for Biden

  1. Consskep, I’m not sure if you ever served in the military or not, but it is our duty to refuse to carry out illegal orders. That isn’t treason, that isn’t insubordination. It’s actually the law. If you carry out illegal orders using the excuse “I was ordered to do so”, you are still charged with the crime.

    So even if the President of the United States tells you to do something illegal, it is your duty to refuse. It is illegal to follow the orders.

    And let’s not forget, the reason the CJCS was in the position he was in was because Trump was threatening to start an illegal war with an illegal bombing of a country. Failing to act to prevent a crime is also a crime. It’s called accessory.

    So while I do appreciate the extremely unusual and precarious position CJCS was in, let’s place blame at the impetus for this entire episode.


    • I’m not referring to a President giving an illegal order. No one has claimed that as far as I know. It is that “supposedly” on his own, he reached out to an adversary (China) and told his counterpart he would warn them if things between the US and China escalates. That’s treason. Also it’s alleged he basically had officers beneath him give some sort of loyality oath to HIM. IOW, there’s a lot of stuff out there. I find it difficult to believe but Bob Woodward has a decent reputation.


      • Okay, but you are brushing aside a really, really, really important detail.

        Situations matter. You are legally allowed to tackle a stranger in the street if you do so to save them from being struck by a bus. Without the bus, it is assault. Hero v assault for doing the exact same thing, hinging on the existence of a bus.

        China was on high alert believing they were about to be nuked. And Trump was threatening them. Repeatedly. And ordered exercises in the region. China was fingering the trigger of their own nukes.

        CJCS tackled the potential war before Trump could punch the button.


      • Trump never threatened China with nuclear warfare and the US has held exercises in the South China Sea for decades even though until recently have China claimed ALL those waters are theirs. What you’re hearing are the mad rantings of a crazy person, probably more demented than Biden, that is Nancy Pelosi whom Trump never consulted on anything.


      • Interesting tht a leaky as the TrumpWH was, that never made it to the public. The other side of this is you have to look at your source: Woodward. Not known for the tightest reporting. Also, releasing this infor now? It helps with book sales, doesn’t it?


      • Well, sure. He is in the business of writing books. And now? The least interesting time politically.

        But sure, his details could be wrong. But if we are playing the “details are wrong” game, then we can’t rely on any of it, including the context and content of the call.


  2. Biden’s disastrous ” presidency” is not just a catalogue of incompetent bungling. That would be a charitable view. His anti-American globalist handlers have opened the border, armed the Taliban, weakened America, and strengthened China, and they’ve done it all deliberately.


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