Next up? The Government will be Accusing the Unvaccinated of Racism

I find in interesting that the same people that were poo-pooing the vaccine as it was developed under Trump because it was developed under Trump are now saying that everyone must get this vaccine. What these people don’t understand is that Americans aren’t stupid and no, we do not have short memories. Both Biden and Harris, while campaigning in 2020 said they would not take the vaccine developed under the Trump administration. So what’s changed? Well a new CDC director and I think FDA administrator but to be sure, the majority of the people that worked there under the Trump administration, are there in the Biden administration. Also, it is the same vaccine.

If you were unable to trust the vaccine as developed under Trump, why do you think that the exact same vaccine is okay to receive under Biden? That’s just dumb, isn’t it? As I’ve said before, decisions about this pandemic are not being based on science, but on politics. Think about the FDA decision recently about the boosters. The FDA decided that more data was needed before making a decision. We’re told that even filly vaccinated people need to wear masks at indoor outdoor events. So why was I vaccinated? Please tell me what good this vaccine is doing me? This is what I hear from people toward those skeptical about being vaccinated for COVID.

Here’s a quote from one of the dumbest people allowed to be on television that say pretty much what I just have:

So wait.It was okay to be skeptical under Trump because he controlled the CDC and the FDA but it’s okay with Biden because he controls the same two agencies. Of course, Biden would never try to manipulate the heads of these agencies, and have rhm put out falsehoods, would he? Most people I know believe Biden’s entire vaccine mandate stchick was quickly and erroneously developed to move the media conversation as quicly as possible away from his bungling of Afghanistan. Now, however, we now his bungling was worse than originally conceived as an American Hellfire missile, launched from a drone, killed 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children. So much for the ”Over the Horizon” strategy of defeating terrorism. It seems that you fo need recent, human intelligence to make those types of deadly decisions.

Like you need actual data to make life and death decisions concerning vaccines that affect the entire human population. Here’s a video I recently received in email with an actual doctor speaking to his local school board about all the craziness coming out of Washington. Not some anti-vax whacko, or a chiropractor, but a real M.D. So, go ahead, be angry with me in the comments because for some odd reason, because of all the flip-flops, and characterizations of this pandemic from the government, I have trouble trusting anything they say.

A final few words here. Just this last week, the government basically took over all administration responsibility for Monoclonal Antibody therapy for COVID. Why? Governor DeSantis of Florida was talking about it being a lifesaver in Florida. So what did the Biden administration do? Cut the amount sent to Florida by more than half (30K from 70K). Tell me that’s not political because Florida’s not the only “Red” state receiving the same treatment. When they (the government) decide to stop lying and obfuscating from the public, maybe more people will listen andwe ould be through this pandemic a bit faster.

Of course, I just heard this afternoon there’s a new variant in all 5 states now that makes this current vaccine useless.

One thought on “Next up? The Government will be Accusing the Unvaccinated of Racism

  1. Dude, what wierd world do you live in? Every major news network, liberal politicians, conservative politicians that aren’t in the cult, doctors and health care professionals, and people around the world were waiting like crazy for a vaccine, and were appreciative that Trump threw money at it. Months of airtime has been spent explaining that no, Trump did not develop anything. Ever. But he did throw a lot of government money into this project. And as soon as people with brains said it was okay, they would line up to take it. And they did, exactly like they said they would.


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