The Insurrection That Wasn’t

I was going to write about the new insurrection tht has had D.V. all a-buzz as well as at least 2 cable channels (ca you guess which ones?) almost exclusively focused on these right g terrorists instead of reporting on the disaster that is Joe Biden.I wanted to wait and not anticipate anything, as the professional journalists have done. Even the Capitol Police said earlier last week that they were expecting, at most, 700. Talk about an insurrection. As it turned out, there were more police and media present than protesters.

So there were less protesters there than even expected. Since first hearing about this ”September 18th Rally”, I looked around to see if this was well published or not. It seems it was only known by the Capitol Police, who I guess had to give permission, and of course Nancy Pelosi, who made this rally appear to be the second British Burning of Washington (They did the same January 6 who was the only person killed then? Someone remind me.). So the whole event, which was carried live by the usual suspects, was a big nothing and instead of making right-wingers or ”Trumpists” look bad, made the media, police, and somw politicians look like idiots.

I do have a criticism for the protestors and that’s for the two people arrested: Who brings a gun to this protest, having to know there were going to be a lot of law enforcement present because the entire event had been blown up into something it never was by the media. Even if you have a carry permit, do you really think you should bring the pistol with you to a place that is going to be swarming with police? Same for the person with the hunting knife, or whatever it was. So you think the police are going to take a chance of someone getting stabbed?

It all turned out to be nothing. It was weird in that no one, none that are known in conservative circles in Washington, were even aware of this being scheduled. I hope we can begin to get back to where people may protest their government with having to have ther capitol fenced off and having a huge police presence, no matter the ideology of those protesting.

Did they call the invasion of the Senate Office Building in October 2018 ( Kavanaugh hearings) an insurrection because there were Senators that were actually confronted in hallways while others stayed locked in their offices. No? Oh, but those were progressives and we know deom experience that progrssives are always peaceful, don’t we?

UPDATE: It turns out the person with the gun arrested was an undercover cop.

2 thoughts on “The Insurrection That Wasn’t

  1. I think people realized that without the leadership of Trump, destructive trespass in the name of politics is still a crime. And people were worried about being identified and linked to the previous event.


    • I think that yes, people were afraid of being arrested, not because of any violence that many occur, but because just showing up will put their faces on a government list. Even though it was KNOWN that the numbers would be small, it was the government that over responded, somewhat egged on by some in the media.


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