Why Are Healthcare Workers Declining to be Vaccinated?

There are occasions when I will hear or read a story about health care workers refusing to be vaccinated. The reasons never seem to be spelled out, or if they are somewhere,, they are not in anything I have read. When I say I heard a story, mostly it’s from people I know and therefore anecdotal as far as I’m concerned because, again, there are few dtails as to why these healthcare workers are refusing to be vaccinated.

Precisely who are these healthcare workers we keep reading about or, rarely, we see a story on television news. Are these providers, doctors and nurses or does this include administrative staff, orderllies, custodial staff too? Well, this story helps a bit but the reader has to go a little beyond the headline. It’s always been common for headline writers to make the best use of the space they have to grab a readers attention. The same still holds in the electronic age where, instead of buying newspapers, clicks are what make money for the outlet.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to garner eyes on a piece, unless it may be that the headlinee is misleading. Look at the headline of the piece I just linked. That headline, although qualifies using the word ”employees” still leaves the reader with an impression that they are referring to doctors and nurses. It was part of my process until I read enough of the story where they said that these were ”part time employees”, meaning for me, probably everyone but “front line” workerI would still like to know why. One story I saw on TV (mentioned in another article here) was about a group of nurses ar a hospital in upstate New York quitting rather than having to get the vaccine. As far as I recall, the TV story didn’t say why. Of course, it’s just a mention in this other story but again, why aren’t these “journalists” curious? If it were me protesting by leaving my position, I would certainly make sure the writer knew why. In the story about the nurses,(“dozens of staff members”) the big takeaway is that this hospital would not be able to deliver babies.

Then, at the bottom of the same story:

Bloomberg reports one in eight nursing professionals do not intend to get the shot, which spells trouble for our entire healthcare system if these mandates persist.

Thar’s 12 %. Not a small number a worrying isn’t it?

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