Thirty COVID Facts

For those interested in the arguments going back and forth over COVID, that is, what is it we’re being told is true or false, I was sent an article today that summarizes 30 facts, all of which have links in them to data that may be used to better clarify what is actually going on without having to depend on biased media and lying government officials.

It’s long, but it’s worth your time and if you’ve been keeping up with this COVID debacle, you’ll probably recognize a few of the facts that for some reason (I’ve had this experience recently) seem to disappear from my search just a day or two after I first saw them. Yes, we all know that the social media sites have said they will take down ”misinformation” because it didn’t come from the government which cannot seem to tell the same lie the same, twice.

I don’t believe any of us should be fearful or ashamed to doubt information, no matter where it comes from. Yes, even this article.If you have better, more current information (documented), I’d like to know. What I refuse to hear, anymore is ”the government says…” because we don;t have to go back far to hear the government saying something completely at odds with it’s current proclamation.

Aa you are able, share that article with your friends and family members.

3 thoughts on “Thirty COVID Facts

  1. Dude, you are not a skeptic. Your “facts” are bullshit.

    Just for fun, I’ll pick just one. Sweden. I have a friend in Sweden that I video message occasionally. Everything this article portrays about Sweden is bullshit. Outright bullshit.

    You are not a skeptic, you are being contrarian and readily sucking up propaganda from whoever you want to be right.

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    • Hmmm. Don’t see any specific refutations in your response so I’ll take your comment as a complete, utter, lie. Don’t have time to debate with people that cannot or will not supply specifics for their beliefs. No need to reply back.

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