FDA and CDC to Biden: I Don’t Think So

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, what’s that you say? All of those people from the government that told us we have to follow the science and not be influenced ideologically. about COVID and especially the vaccines. Remember when President Biden stood before the American people and pushed for all to receive a booster shot if they’d had the original vaccine for at least 6 months? Recall he said it was going to be available on September 20th, and he wanted everyone eligible to get the booster ASAP. This was, of course, contingent on approval of the booster by the FDA, which it seems he thought would be a slam-dunk. Boy was he surprised!

Not only did the FDA not approve the booster for everyone, they restricted its use to those 65 and over and those that are deemed at risk. Although the vote was a surprise to the White House, the White House said the FDA was not the only agency that needed to approve and it quietly waited for the CDC to vote on the rollout of the booster. The CDC advisory panel though, voted the very next day just like the FDA and approved the booster for the same segment of society. What’s going on here? You can almost hear heads explode in the Whitehouse. Of course the CDC director overruled that vote. She claimed that sometimes decisions were complex. So then, it appears it’s no longer ”follow the science”, but, ”agree with the policy”.

Even Dr. “I am science” Fauci said that these votes weren’t the end. Now we know exactly what we can believe or not, can’t we? He’s a policy wog and clearly an ideologue, no longer able to follow the science but instead plays follow Dear Leader. Off a cliff. To protect his job. So it appears that the rule of following the science because it has spoken no longer applies if the science doesn’t follow the politics. That’s exactly what we need, now, to end this pandemic. This is Afghanistan all over again. Policy going before lives.

This recent event adds to what we know the government doesn’t know: how to deal with this virus. I’, mpt referrimng to the real scientists of the FDA or the CDC, but those agency bureaucrats that have made the response to the vitus only worse: placing the pysical and mental heath of the citizens they are responsible for at risk, tather than just say, ”right now, we don’t know”. So they make up stuff l ike social distancing, and mask mandates. They close schools, put businesses where people socially congregate out of business. All in the name of public safety.

Many of us have been openly, sometimes not so quietly, speaking about this debacle-known—as-the-pandemic and our governments anemic, seemingly cowardly response to it. Never knowing what to do day to day,m they (this is state and local government as well) just make it up as they go along never thinking about who is being hurt by their inane policies. One word: Australia. If you haven’t seen the video clips of what’s going on there, you should. Of course, those idiots disarmed themselves so their government can treat them any way they want.

I was speaking with a friend in the UK the other day, mentioning Australia, he said, “Well, not even the British government has the balls to treat it’s citizens like that.” Well, not yet. But just l isten to our own President that has ”lost patience” with his own people. what do you believe he’s capable of, with the support of the Democratic house and Senate (with some establishment Republicans voting with them – you know who they are)? I’m not saying that anything is going to happen. I really don;t believe that most of those in Congress are that crazy to believe they can overthrow our republic. But some do. Think about who they are for just a moment. Didn’t take long to find the ”Hate America First” crowd, did it?

Just remember for now to stay informed and don’t allow these losers to try and scare you because you know that’s next., right? Suddenly, COVID will become a lot worse than it has been. Just wait. A week? Two weeks? Tomorrow? We will get through this and it will be without the governments ”help”.

2 thoughts on “FDA and CDC to Biden: I Don’t Think So

  1. Hi from the UK

    Good post, thank you. I worked Covid 19 out last year in respect of the physical health issues. I eventually double checked the gov.uk website and realised it was was all guidance and advice and you don’t need to follow it unless it is sensible.

    Sadly, all too many did follow it, proving that common sense has left the UK, let alone much of the world’s population it seems.

    I put stuff up on my website, including the various aspects of Covid 19. I attach a link for anyone interested.


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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