Are mRNA “Vaccines” Safe For Use in Humans?

Another day, more blockbuster information coming in to me concerning COVID. I can’t seem to go more than a couple of days without either seeing something myself or someone else sending me something that I find fascinating and worth passing on to everyone. I am not, and don’t pretend to be an epidemiologist , virologist, or immunologist so I can’t and won’t vouch for everything I see and write about. But the sources are usually public and the information I pass along here is from those kinds of sources. Individuals that send me links to COVID information are trusted by me. By that I mean these people have a level of knowledge above mine and therefore what they purvey, I believe I can take as being as valid as anything I may see in the news or anywhere else.

All that being said, I was sent this essay concerning the coronavirus ”vaccines” . I think, even though it isn’t extremely long, probably the best I read about these ever. It’s strange to me that so many people, journalists especially, would just drink the kool-aid of any government official without verifying what they said is actually true. I don’t know this author, but as I said, I trust the person that forward it to me enough to know that this is not, in any way, fake or manipulated to be misinformation.

This essay also shows why the effectiveness of these mRNA vaccines are not very robust going from around 95% when the person is initially vaccinated down to 45% after about 6 months, Even though, supposedly, at the lower percentage, they are preventing a person from receiving or spreading the coronavirus, the CDC says that it doesn’t. does this mean that every few months, forever, people are going to have to have another booster? That question has been asked and the best I can determine from the answers I heard (mumbo-jumbo from the government) is yes.

There may be other vaccines that require a booster every 6 months but for all of the inoculations I’ve had in my life? None required the frequency as this. It’s not just about the effectiveness but how the virus itself interacts with the vaccine. Take some time and read the essay and think about what the author is saying. Not implying or intimating, but coming out and actually saying are real possibilities.

This is why we need to be careful about what we believe about what we’re being told. This is the very first time I’ve seen information like in this essay and it makes me wonder why our own government, if they are aware of what’s contained in the essay, haven’t told the American people? Or have they? Have they, by the FDA and CDC disapproving the booster for the general public be hinting that there are problems the the entire vaccination protocol that need addressing before allowing it to be distributed beyond the elderly and vulnerable? Consider when you hear or see something that is ”all you need to know” about these vaccines that it’s probably not.

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