The Run of the Lemmings

I don’t always expect fallout from a post, but I’m never really surprised when there is some backchannel anger from a few people and yes, based on this recent post, I did receive some, well, not out-and-out anger, but pretty close and even a single message that could be interpreted as a threat. By the way, these are all from people I know personally. Yes, people I actually see on occasion. Of course, none would leave a comment to the post , instead opted to send me private email basically asking if I had gone completely nutty and that I must have gone over to the ”insurrectionists” (you know, the gigantic insurrection from Jan 6, 2021 where, without any firearms at all, a few hundred citizens almost made our government fall.). I smiled at that because it as then I knew that I wasn’t crazy and that these people, a couple I had considered friends, had gone over the edge completely.

What was disconcerting to me was how the last two years of ”pandemic” have affected people to the point where they’ve become the lemmings that will race over the edge of a cliff if some unelected bureaucrat in Washington or the state capital decides that’s best for the general population. Yes, it’s really not out elected officials – most of these wouldn’t be able to even spell “pandemic” – but agency employees, yes like Anthony Fauci, and political apointees like the CDC director, that are advising the political elite that are really making the decisions and that’s why the response has been a mess for two years (yes, including the Trump administration) because you have silo agencies (e.g. NIAID, CDC, FDA) presenting conflicting data and making decisions based on nothing and people around the country, and around the world, become confused as to what is the correct response and therefore finally shut all of the noise out and decide to go about their lives as if this pandemic never occurred. I mean, really, are they going to place over 100 million Americans (then add in the gigantic protests that are happening almost daily throughout Europe, and yes, people are exhausted hearing from idiots that have no better idea of how to deal with this pandemic than the average person doing a ”google search”. I mean, the info received will be no better, but no worse, than what we hear through officials we pay to at least attempt to get it right and are not in competition for funding.

Some people, like the ones I am referring to in this post, seem to be unable to any longer discern that what they are hearing, generally, is nonsense, and that yes, it does appear that what was a pandemic will now become an endemic, like seasonal colds and flu. This will always be around and there will never be a point when there are zero cases on this planet. When you have entire countries locking down because in a week there were four new cases, (New Zealand), it’s time to take the power back from the government and move on.

The damage done by these people may be irreparable for years, or decades, if at all. Children in many areas have lost two years of education that can never be recovered and the de-socialization in schools has to have some long term psychological damage as well. What will ten year olds today be like ten years from now? So, you lemmings, go ahead and run of that cliff and make it soon enough so that the remainder of us may get back to our everyday lives.

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