Canada ia Full of Deplorable’s

O saw, last evening that the Canadian PM has learned how to wi friends and influence people from H

illary Clinton. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the tweet where he condemned Canadians that were part of or supported the trucker protest like this:

Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.

People just want to regain their freedom and independence from government and this is how their government responds to them.,

The main question I have is: Did he believe he was going to convince anyone at the protest to change their mind after accusing them of being basically, ”deplorable” (re: Hillary Clinton, 2016)? Are these people actively rioting in the dtreets, looting, burning murdering? I think that would be headlines across the world if there were and everuthing I’ve read or seen so far? No. Sure, they might be breaking noise laws with their truck horns and maybe they could do a little less of that, but otherwise, what are they doing that’s so bad as to be called names like their PM has used?

Ad hominem is the last refuge of a coward. A person that has no argument to make that might convince others. The police chief of Ottawa has already mentioned that the government may need to bring in the military to break up this protest. But again, what have these people done that require any extreme measures? What is it, from a police perspective, that’s not working? Sure, breaking up the rotest, which the chief should’ve realized sooner rather than later, was not going to happen, but beyond that? Doesn’t appear to be anywhere near a violent insurrection of any kind and probably all it would take is for representatives of the government to back down on some of their pandemic led mandates to get these people to go home.

But no, the stupid are the ones that double-down on a losing bet, aren’t they and the Canadian government is representing that well right now. Maybe the PM should take a cue from his counterpart, Joe Bodem, and take a nap because his rhetoric is verging on idiocy. Trudeau also thanked the ”90%” of truckers that have been fully vaccinated. U scratched my head wondering how many truckers Canada have? I mean if it’s true, and by reporting seems so, that there are some fifty thousand in the protest, how many are not protesting, carrying on business as usual? I have to think that many vehicles off the road have to be hurting Canadians at some level. But here, to the south, we only see bits and pieces on the news, more of course on the net, but I have yet to find any articles that talk directly to this as a problem.

It seems that this may turn into a standoff waiting to see which side blinks first but that shouldn’t have to happen when the ”other side” are your representatives in government, the government should immediately call for talks, but also in good faith, remove some of the mandates that seem to be crushing their own population. By the way: one of themost restrictive in the world, New Zealand, has just announced the removal of all restrictions. What’s holding up other countries?

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