Johns Hopkins Study Should End Any Further Pandemic Actions

Anyone pay attention to the recent study by Johns Hopkins University which concluded that over the last two years, with lockdowns, and school closures, and social distancing, and yes, even the vaccine, that the number of deaths without doing all of these things would be 0.2% different. You read that correctly: two-tenths-of-one-percent.. If you were watching any news other than Fox recently (last week) you would not have heard this or if you read any mainstram papers? The same.

Here’s jut one article online discussing this now amazing bit of data. There are some others now (Fox News, of course), but what this is telling us is that we went through misery for two years and really didn’;t need to. Of course we didn’t know this at the time because the virus was so new. But within less than a yesr, a lot of the information about lockdowns, and especially schools, was indeed known yet many states didn’;t fully open up for months later. How many people died of other diseases/problems because of lack of primary care that was focused for so long on COVID?

Our government now needs to completely withdraw any mandates that are still out there as well as admit that, yes, we probably over reacted to a disease that we also knew very early on had a 99.5% survuval rate.

I’ll close with this question: If another virus (there are always viruses) that comes to the front that becomes a level of pandemic, will anyone believe anything their government says or obey any instructions?

One thought on “Johns Hopkins Study Should End Any Further Pandemic Actions

  1. It does sound bad, but I checked into it some more. It’s not a johns hopkins report. It’s a working paper and one of the authors works at JH. And the methodology is in question. That’s said, lockdowns suck.


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