Is War With Russia Inevitable?

Are we about to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine? No, I’m not being foolish. This is a serious question and what I hear on television and in articles on the internet give me pause., It’s not a if we are being led by the same group of neocons that conned us into Afghanistan and Iraq earlier this century, but these are liberals and may I say progressives that are making the growling noises if war, Why?

No, I’’m not contemplating a nuclear exchange with the Russians, but oribably a very bloody ground war including close air support of ground troops and yes,m even naval confrontations in the Black Sea. But we’ve been told any troops we have in the area would be to bolster troops in NATO countries that are adjacent..That’s true but we already have some troops in the Ukraine right now, They’re there as ”advisors”. Anyone know what adviosors actually do on the ground Well, they train the host countriee troops as well as go on training missions with them. Anyone remember Vietnam? Or how about in 2017 when several of our advisors in Nigeria died on a “training mission”?

We were told last week that there are 150 such advioors in the Ukraine. Somehow, this week, that nuber has doubled to 300. How many do we actually have as we can’t seem to know week to week from the DoD.Also, we’re told by our government tht=at any attack by the Russians would be devastating to the civilian population, which raises another question: Are we actively gaming scenarios now so that we can estimate our losses as well?

If you’re sitting at home, reading thism telling yourself that you trust our government to handll any sutuation that may occur in that region, I have one response for you:


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