I Just Wanted to Write About Canada

So I’ve been wanting to writ more about what’s been going on in Canada recently. You know, that country just to our north that had a protest that placed the government in such fear of an actual armed insurrection, that they invoked a never before used emergency act to quell the obvious violent rebellion agains the government. those Nazi-like barbecue pits and bouncy houses! Don;t take my word for it, their own PM, Justin Trudeau compared all of the protestors that way.

I wanted to show some of the video clips I had seen via social media of what looked to me, police thuggery toward ordinary, unarmed citizens. It was painful to watch these acts of, in some cases mob brutality. The mob being those in uniform. I wanted everyone to see what I had seen, and to understand that not everyone, everywhere, including other western nations, have the same rights instilled as we do. Freedom of speech means nothing pretty much anywhere else because in those other countries, it takes a simple majority of their legislature to retuct speech in any way they desire.

The same goes with the freedom to assemble and to redress the government, Our right is there in the First amendment. theirs? Again ,at the willy-nilly preference of a government that although may be elected, does not necessarily represent those electors. We can see the same occurring in our own country but luckily we have three distinct branches of government, equal in power, to hold each other accountable. We still have a chance as long as we hold true to this one concept so that no one, or branch, may become superior to the others and therefore guarantee the people’s freedom.

I was also interested in hearing more about the American version of the Trucker’s Protest, due in Washington D.C. in the next few days ostensibly to protest the same mandates as those Canadian truckers. One thing I did hear was that seven hundred National Guard have been called up to suppliment the D.C. police as well as the Capitol Police. Seven Hundred. They’ve also begun installing fencing around the capitol itself,. We live in strange times.

But no, I can’t seem to get any current information, or very little on Canada anymore, at leasrt not via television, why? It’s those buggering Russians! Russia, Russia, Russia! Everywhere I turn, it’s about the imminent invasion of the the Ukraine by those trolls, the Russians, I mean seriously, people on television talking for hours about sanctions on the Russians (those recent ones were actually already applied in most cases so they did absolutely nothing) and basically waiting for the first bombs to drop. As I write this, it’s early Thursday morning in the Ukraine and it’s funny to see the correspondents dressed in kevlar, reporting from the war zone.

But, for the United States, as well as the remainder of those NATO allies, there is no war. None of our interests, meaning member countries, are currently at risk even though earlier today the U.S. deployed more troops as well as dozens of Apache helicopters, to the region in support of some NATO members who border the Ukraine and even Russia, I should say re-deployed because these are assets that are already in Europe.

The Russian president, Putin, has threatened anyone who attempts to interfere with dire consequences. I guess that’s a direct threat towards NATO but what exactly are his capabilities, other than nuclear, toward western Europe and the U.S.? Of course there’s cyberattacks but even the best of those can fairly easily be thwarted and I would hope that these countries would be somewhat prepared based on the current situation.

so nothing I’;m witnessing, via television at least, gives me any idea as to why we (the U.S.) have an interest in Ukraine, Certainly I think everyone could have some level of empathy for an independent country, which has not appeared to have made any aggressive moves towards Russia or any of it’s neighbors. does this mean that we should become involved in a region in which we have no legitimate security interest.

It is somewhat understandable that Russia would not want to have ”another” NATO aligned country on it’s border (even though Ukraine is not in NATO). All we have to do is go back to 1962 when Russia was going to place ballistic missiles in Cuba which sparked ”The Cuban Missile Crisis” bringing us close to World War Three.No we dodn;t lime it then even though we had the same on Russias border then (Turkey), Imagine id Russia or China made a military treaty with Mexico and placed bases, nuclear or not, in northern Mexico.does any reasonable person believe that the U.S. would allow that? Think we might be marching on Mexico in that instance? Well, maybe there’s something similar here with Ukraine. Putin wants a buffer between NATO and Russia. A non-aligned Ukraine, or one aligned more with Russia, would be better for the Russians.

I’m not an apologist for Russia, just stating the possible reason for wanting a friendly (to Russia) Ukraine. I suspect that this story will be dominating our news for a while, at least until that U.S. truck convoy closes in on D.C., democrats declaring another ”insurrection” when in fact they’re the only ones that have killed anyone during a so-called ”insurrection” and celebrated that murder.So, a lot of things going on, in eastern Europe as well as here.

All I really wanted to do is write about Canada,

One thought on “I Just Wanted to Write About Canada

  1. Trudeau and his gang of criminals have broken a sacred trust. They have fundamentally changed the relationship between the government and the people without consulting the people. It cannot be overstated how damaging this is. Nobody is safe from them now. They must be stopped.

    As far as Russia goes, Putin is flexing his muscles because America is a divided and weakened country, thanks to a corrupt political class, a stolen election, a ‘president’ with dementia, and a vice-president who laughs like a substance abuser. He can’t believe his luck. When Russia annexed Crimea, Putin said he wanted to take back Crimea. Obama was president then and Joe was VP. Now that Biden is pres, Putin now wants the Ukraine and make it part of Russia again. Putin knows Biden isn’t going to do shit. And Joe can rattle his saber all he wants, but he’s not going to do a damn thing. The first thing he did when he got in office was shutdown Keystone pipeline. And then lifted all restrictions on the Nordstream pipeline. Joe and his crime family took 3.5M from Russia and then gave Nordstream to Putin. It’s a reminder that Biden is both useless and corrupt. He is a disaster for America.


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