What’s to Gain by Gaming Ukraine?

Ukrainian Soldiers

It seems I’ve seen the president on television everyday this week talking about the most consequential event of the last thirty years?. COVID? No. Crime? Nope. Illegal immigration? Haha. , Inflation. Again, no. What is this thing we keep hearing about, something that has not actually occurred, that have the media so worried, and the government before the American people speaking about daily? The imminent invasion of the Ukraine by the Russians. The question I have yet to hear asked by the media is Why should we, the U.S., be concerned about this possibility? It’s been lmpwn for years that Putin wanted to reintegrate the Ukraine into Russia, so what’s all the panic about?

I write that introduction almost two days ago because I really didn’t know where I would be going with the post. Would Russia have invaded Ukraine as I hit the publish button? Would there be more heated rhetoric between the US, our NATO allies, and Russia? In other words, is there an endgame of any sort on the horizon? It doesn’t seem so as of the time of this writing. There’s going to be more dialog between Biden and Putin. Our Secretary of State is flying east this coming week to attempt to peacefully resolve any issues. So, is there war on the horizon?

It’s an uknown as of right now. What some believe is this whole episode is nothing more than Putin demanding concessions from the west, and of course, weak as Biden is internationally, Biden giving in to whatever Putin wants., This could’ve been resolved weeks ago if the Biden administration had sanctioned Russia as they’ve threatened to, to deter any incursion. But no, according to the Biden administration, deterrence is for after an incursion has been made, I don’t think they know what deterrence means, exactly. How can you deter an action which has already occurred?

Anyone with an elementary education can answer that question easily: You can’t because the damage trying to be prevented is done. So, are these folks, claiming to represent us internationally, actually this stupid? Well, yes, yes they are. If you have no conception of what deterrence means, you have no business administering this nation at all.

I still believe this is constructed entirely for a single purpose: To get American’s minds of the innumorous failres of the Biden regime domestically as well as internationally. Why? If we’re not will ing to commit troops to save a possible invasion of Ukraine, then our actions are only bluster and will do nothing to stop any incursion anywhere. Also, Videnm gave waay the store a few weeks ago when he outline specific sanctions. Why would he show his hand and give Russia time to use other methods to preserve their economy? Why would we still be begging Russia for oil instead of revoking the regulations Biden placed on our own industry the day he took office?

Think about it.

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