Your Values May Not Be Mine

Jack, over at Atheist Revolution has another interesting thought provoking post up. about parents treatment of their children when those children repudiate their parents values. Specifically, when a child comes out as atheist within a Christian family. Do the parents disown? Some do but how many kids, even today, come in from hight school and announce to their parents, Christian or not, that they’re atheist? I don’t have any numbers but in my opinion, it would be few. Why? Most realize that once high scjool is over, so it os that they’re no longer subject to their parents values, especially religious ones. My example would be some cousins that were forced to go to church three times a week up to and through high school. After they went off to college, with the exception of coming back for holidays, neither attended church again. And neither are atheist. And no, because they didn’t attend church anymore did their parents disown them.

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