Belief and Public Policy

I don’t believe public policy should be based on religious belief. Any religious belief. Christians like to say how the United States was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and I guess from that believe that government of, by, and for the people should be modeled from the bible. How is that different than any other religion desiring the same? I’m not referring of course to anyone commiting acts of violence to further their ideology (and yes, religious belief is an ideology). Disagree as you will but what do you call someone that brings their religious belief into action? It doesn’t have to be terrorism, the same can be accomplished at the polls. We all, as voters should be aware of those politicians trying to take advantage of people’s legitimate religious beliefs. No good ever comes from that.

One thought on “Belief and Public Policy

  1. Thank the fore fathers that the 1st Amendment trumps the 1st Commandment.
    Tickles me when Christians claim this is a Christian nation. Why? because Christianity is the majority religion? There are more women in this country than men. Does that make our country a women’s nation?

    So no, it’s not a Christian nation nor was it founded on Christian-Judaeo values.

    I quote the following:

    “The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established.”
    ~James Madison
    Page 451 of the Annals of Congress
    House of Representatives, 1st Congress, 1st session
    Monday, June 8, 1789

    Article 11 Treaty of Tripoli: “The Government of the United States is in no sense founded on the Christian Religion.”


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