Even Paul Couldn’t Resolve a Fairy Tale

When I published this post recently, I wanted to make another point but thought I would save it for a subsequent post. This one for instance. According to scholars, I Thessalonians, where Paul tells his audience that Jesus is coming back soon, was written between 49-51 CE. Tradition states that Paul died in Rome in 64 CE. Low and behold, somehow from the grave, Paul authored II Thessalonians (80-115 CE) and in that pseudo graph “Paul” explains , that they are still waiting for Jesus return and that anyone that says different is in rebellion against God. In other words, reading the entire chapter, we see that “Paul” is making excuses for his prophecy of Jesus’ return. Thirty or more years and yes, the Christian hierarchy had to do something to keep the faithful, faithful. My point is that Paul was just the first of many throughout history to predict the Second Coming. All have been wrong. All the multimillion dollar homes and private jets cannot make it happen. Why? It’s a fairy tale.

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