Fired for Going Grey

I should have waited on that earlier post about Spain and allowing women to go topless because there’s a much better story here, about a female newscaster, Lisa LaFemme, in Canada, let go from her position after 35 years because? Her hair is grey. Sexism, gender discrimination, agism anyone? It’d become a big enough story in Canada to where Wendy’s Canada, in support of Ms. LaFlamme, has changed the color of their mascots flaming red hair to, you guessed it, grey. Dove Canada it also seems was first to point out the obvious and asked people to change their profile pictures to greyscale in support. There does seem to be a double standard here because I am fairly sure I’ve never heard of a male TV newscaster being let go for having grey hair. In fact, it i turn on the TV and flip through the news channels, I see plenty of men with grey or greying hair. Some of them have hair that is completely white.

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