Correcting the Narrative

Time passes. What was appalling news a few years past, predictions of doom and gloom for the human race, are shown to be nothing more than lies and deceptions in order to press a specific narrative. The world is ending dur to Climate Change. In (now) less than a decade (?). Remember a decade ago, the Polar Bears were dying off because there was little to no ice in the North Pole for them to exist on. That was false then and even more today as the numbers of Polar Bears have increased in the last decade. What about ravaging Category 5 hurricanes that were supposed to bring misery to the Eastern and Gulf coasts of the U.S. Nope. Sure there’ve been a few, but not the numbers predicted right after Katrina in 2005. then it was the coral in the Great Barrier Reef that was dying off in 2018 due to? Yep, global warming. Four years later? Oopsie. Think this got the airtime of the 2018 story?

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