Congress Gives Our Money Away. That Shouldn’t Happen

Davy Crockett is legendary in American history. He was a soldier and a politician but is probably best remember for the Battle of the Alamo, in 1836, during the Texas revolution. As a politician he served in the House of Representatives and that’s where this story begins. The House was voting to give a widow of a Navy hero, a sum of $20,000 for what Crockett deemed as “charity” and something Congress had no legal authorty to do. Suffice to say, the vote failed and this is the story behind it. If you read it, think about how Congress appropriates money to a lot of different causes which have nothing to do with their Constitutional responsibility. Think about it like this, as in the article: If members of Congress had to pay for any of these out of their own pockets, instead of taxpayers, would any of these non-Constitutional expenditures ever be made?

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