Is The Pandemic Over? The Administration Argues Yes and Then No, Depending

Asksomeomne whether or not we’re still in a pandemic. No ask several people. You might be surprised at the answers received.Some will say yes, if you can understand them through their double masking and the berating of you for not wearing a mask at all. There are those that will say no and that we’ve basically been out pof a pandemic since earlier this year. Now if we could just get the Biden administration to stop being schizophrenic on the subject. When the administration were battling in court to end Title 42 enforcement from the Trump administration due to the pandemic, the Biden administration argued that the pandemic was over no need to Title 42. Recently though, Biden signed an executive order to forgive a portion of student loam debt based on the HEROES Act, which was a law to ensure those affected by the pandemic were able to get unemployment as well as the Federal $600 stipend. This was in the middle of the pandemic which Biden had just argues, is over. So which is it?

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