Mocktails: The No Hangover Alternative

As I’ve become older (more mature?(, I meet more and more peole that do not imbibe in what we used to call adult beverages. Some I know have never had any sort of alcoholic beverage and it’s not due to any religious belief, its just because they have no interest in anything that is potentially mind altering. that’s okay as far as I’m concerned but I have had one or two of the same mention to me that they are looked at differently at parties or gatherings simply because they have no interest in boozing it up. I mentioned to one that there was this thing called “mocktails” – drinks without alcohol, and that she could even buy nonalcoholic whiskey, tequila, gin, and other spirits to make these with if she wanted to go that way. If someone believes they need to be part of the crowd without actually being part of it, this is an alternative worth exploring.

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