300 Per Day. What should the Government Do?

I’d like to take credit for this but I can’t. I turned on the news for a few minutes, they were discussing the opioid epidemic with a guest or two. One guest made a point that stoped everyone else in their tracks: Three hundred people a day, in the U.S. die everyday from opioid overdoses or poisoning. that number has been affirmed by our government. Think about this, the guest said, this is like having an airplane crash everyday. If there were an airplane crash daily, killing 300 people (even less) how long do you think it would be before every plane in the country ws grounded? No one responded but the answer is obvious: not very long. Yet, even with huge amounts of fentanyl being seized at the border daily/weekly, there’s a lot that makes it through. the administration claims, to riotous laughter, that the border is closed. how is it then that so much poison is coming. across the Southern border and killing so many people all across the country? If the FAA would ground all planes for a major plane crsh per day, what should the Department of Homeland Security do to stop the deaths happening within our own communities?

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