Will Socialism Survive America?

Atheists I have come to know, mostly online, are liberal/progressive. I don’t mean to sully anyone’s political ideology because I know people that are liberal that dislike being categorized progressive as well. So let me refer to progressives as they truly are: socialists. Yes, the same as the old Soviet Union and contemporary Cuba among others (yeah, sure, China). So what we have is a battle among the left, where many atheists exist between classic liberalism and socialism. Kind of reminds me of the Great Schism that occured among atheist some years back. There were the few conservatives, like me, who’d voices were mostly unheard. the real battle was between the classical liberal atheists and the “progressive” band, also known as “Atheist Plus (A+). The progressive branch was insistent on everyone appling their version of social justice and humanism in their everyday atheist lives. the other side, liberals (conservatives agreed) that atheism had nothing to do with anything else other than non-belief in god(s). The issue resolved itself after a year or so as the A+ atheists “ate themselves”, meaning they policed each others behavior, even speech, so much, they drove away their supporters. I wonder how many of those gave up atheism because of that experience? We’ll probably never know just in the same way, politically today, far left (socialist) democrats are driving away all but the most extreme in their party.

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