Sam Harris’ Irrational Hate

This is actually an example of Jumping the Shark. I suddenly cannot recall why I ever thought of this person as some sort of intellectual. One of the “Four Horsemen” of New Atheism, he was a celebrity among atheist and non-atheists alike, His most famous work, The End of Faith was a bestseller although it was a. mishmash of poor reasoning and emotional outbursts which resulted in the publishing, two years later, of Letter to a Christian Nation in which he attempted to correct his lack of knowledge of Christianity in America. I have to say it was a better book. From there he seemed to ho off the deep end, becoming very anti-Muslim, even being accused at one point of supporting torture of terror suspects, and then jumped into meditation and other transcendental subjects that too became hits with a certain audience but he never regained the celebrity he once had as an influential atheist. Now he begins to show his true self. I’ve seen few filled with such hate for another person that it drives them to irrational exuberance. No one has to like anyone else. People are welcome to hate others as well. But to spend your waking hours focused on the extreme hate of a sigle person? It’s time to get some help. Try someone else’s books Sam.

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