Biden Encourages Violence Against His Opponents

Okay, first a question I’m hoping someone might be able to answer: Why, every time Joe Biden gives a speech or has some sort of rally, does he go to Pennsylvania? Is he aware there are other states in the Union or has he forgotten? It just came to me, about my earlier post, that the Democrats are calling over 70 milion people terrorists based on what? Oh, yeah, that non-insuurection, insurrection in which, according to Biden, police officers were killed. Yes he said that to a crowd recently, attempting to make more of that awful, shameful day than it really was. Only one person was killed that day, and it wasn’t a police officer but an unarmed woman, shot down by a police officer. And so Biden and his surrogates paint those that voted for that other guy with that broad brush of terrorism. He’s actually signaling to his sycophants that it’s okay to attack those MAGA people because they are nothing but terrorists. Who is it that is fomenting violence? Is it those MAGA people? No, it’s Joe Biden and the Democratic party.

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