Eating Bugs? You May Be Unknowingly

I’ve seen several segments on the news this year concerning eating bugs and how healthy they are because of the amount of protein and whatever. I’ve even read a couple of articles and I thinkI’ve seen some online advertisements to buy bugs, disguised in chocolate or some other flavor to hide the fact that yes, you’re eating bugs. Those stories I hear or read tell me this is the future, that because climate change, cattle of all sorts will eventually be excluded from what people are able to buy and we will see a plethora of bugs so that we can continue to have Taco Tuesdays. So, now that I’ve grossed us both out a bit let me go further: many of you already voluntarily eat bugs. Yes, you order them up in the restaurant fried, baked, broiled, or boiled. these are not bugs that scurry around on land, but those that scurry or glide around in the ocean. Okay, maybe shrimp are actually shellfish, but they look like bugs, don’t they? Remember next time you order lobster in a restaurant: some people consider those sea cockroaches.

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