Kicking the TV Habit

I’m beginning to wean myself from television. Sure, I watch some news, but it’s pretty much all the same and after a few minutes I’m done with it. If I want to watch something I now use a streaming service which, for me, has better choices and I’m not stuck with cable channels showing the same shows/movies, over and over again. An example is tonight. On one channel beginning at 8 pm, they’re showing a Transformers movie. Okay, I’ve seen it, it’s okay, but I really don’t want to see it again at the moment. That’s not the bad part though. They’re showing this movie from 8 pm until 3 am tomorrow. Yes, there showing it twice in a row and that’s not unusual for any channel that shows movies nowadays. I guess since they’re leasing the movie for a certain time, they want to make sure it gets a lot of airtime. So, less TV, more…reading and listening to music i think. I have a huge number of books I should be reading. I buy books (kindle) all the time and yet spend very little time (an hour, maybe 2) reading. I think I can do this. TV has become an addiction I need to get past.

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