Biden Claims 74 Million Voters “A clear and present danger”

I didn’t watch the president’s speech this evening. It was on, I found out, MSNBC and CNN so I guessed around a dozen people, overall, got to see it outside of Pennsylvania. I did see some video and some of the stills from that is actually creepy. first of all, the blood red background with two Marines standing behind him. I think it was clearly reminiscent of another time when. terror ruled a country and it’s leaders proclaimed absolute moral authority. the little I’ve seen online looks like Biden spent the majority of his speech demonizing those that disagree with his policies and claim millions of regular Americans are extremists and a “clear and present danger” to the country. A terrible night for America. I wonder what our allies (if we still have any) thought? I wonder how many democratic voters he alienated because, hey, once he’s through with MAGA Republicans, guess who’s next?

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