Multiple Federal Agencies Censor Social Media

Everyone knows that the Federal government has been involved in stifling speech on social media platforms even though that same government has vehemently denied the charge. All anyone has to do is listen to what Mark Zuckerberg said on the Joe Rogan show that the FBI approached Facebook, before the 2020 election to get them to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story as “misinformation”. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there have been multiple federal agencies involved in censoring speech on various social platforms. Of course those platform operators go right along. no one wants to invoke the ire of some federal agency that may have some say on how and if you may operate. This is blatantly illegal; and what should worry all of us is that no one within the structure of the government seems to care or want to do anything about it. If thee agencies have the time t spy on people on the Internet, what else are they doing thar’s not part of their mission?

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