Atheism: How Many Times do I Have to Repeat This?

While skimming my Twitter feed, I accidentally came across this:

If you bought into atheism, don’t feel badly if you’re ready to leave.

I’m really getting tired of telling people this, but being an atheist is not like joining the Baptist Church, where you join in front of members and they place your name on a list so they are able to regularly hit you up for cash. Atheism is a personal choice. It’s a conclusion a person comes to, mostly over time. whn contemplating all of the alternatives. Some people think atheism is a light switch that people just turn on and off whenever they feel like it. For some, that may be true. A person that has no values whatsoever is easily blown by whatever wind is available. What bothers me is having to repeat all of this constantly (or it seems that way) so that people will understand that atheist, for the majority, is not a whim like becoming a Christian at a rally where a “call” to accept Jesus as your savior is done at the end. Of course, those calls are good for numbers because the evangelist, or preacher, can then brag about the numbers of people “saved”. how many of those though, leave those meetings changed for life? how many of those “saved” have any follow-up calls or visits? there’s a huge difference in making a conclusion toward atheism and feeling pressured into making a commitment to something in front of a large crowd. One is personal, the other is driven by the mob.

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