The “All About Trump” Speech

I had to watch some news this morning to just see the reaction from the press/media over Joe Biden’s “unification” speech last night in Philadelphia. Wel, we can all guess the response from Fox hosts and most of their guests and of course MSNBC, which should actually have to report to the FEC as an arm of the Democratic Party, well, their usual suspects were praising and defending that Biden, in fact, was not calling 74 million people extremists, just those Trump supporters (those 74 million people, just for clarity) that would be trouble makers, those deniers of the election outcome. Like this? This could’ve been a very different speech is the president had attempted to address the issues concerning most Americans. Among those issues, Trump isn’t on the list. This president is completely owned by Trump because whenever he opens his mouth, Trump is there somewhere. All the issues people are concerned about? Completely Trump’s fault. If we only paid attention, we’d see how great Joes policies actually are and how they are benefiting us daily.

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