The Aggravation Continues While Biden Looks for Boogymen Under His Bed

It’s just not worth the hassle anymore. I wouldn’t care if it was free, just the aggravation of not knowing not only when but if I’ll ever get to my destination makes me cringe. Yes, I’m referring to flying. This morning, as usual, I turned on the TV to get a little bit of news . the show anchor was talking to a reporter at some airport who stated that as of that time (around 8 am for me) there had been some 9,000 flight delays and, get this, 2,100 cancellations. This is the beginning of the Labor Day holiday. Fear not, though. we were told, there’s expected to be over 12 million in the U.S. flying this weekend. With the numbers already stated I wondered how and where these people would be flown. Maybe I misheard the word “flown” for something else? I’m not sure but it is safe to say tight now that there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people stranded at ne end or the other of their flight and maybe even somewhere in the middle if there’s a stopover. Progress.

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