Too Much Junk Email

Using email a lot tends to get a person placed on lists where they atart receiving unwanted emails from people or comapnies that they’ve not only never heard of, but in the instance of a company,never have done. business with. Well we all know that these companies buy email lists from other companies where there is an account, or at least an email associated. This can bring in decent money for the seller, especially if you’re a Google, or Amazon. Think about it: it costs the seller virtually nothing and the buyer pays a fee for a set number of names and in a lot of. cases, the buyer is restricted on how many times they may use those addresses. People also buy lists based on region, even city zip code to target specific possible future customers. Of course, it’s worth the expense or the practice wouldn’t continue. For the recipient, it’s really more of a pain to have to sift through to find legitimate communications. What I have to do is go through, daily, and “unsubscribe” to all those unwanted emails. Sometimes, it’s substantial (10-15) other times it’s a lot less but to have to do that to keep my email account “clean” is something I shouldn’t have to do. Too bad my provider is unable to stop this email assault. Oh wait! They can.

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