Are Food Shortages Headed Our Way?

There’s thinking that we in the U.S. might experience food shortages like what is expected in Europe of the same period. The reasons are obvious: the cost of harvesting, storing, and transporting frp, farm to the final marketplace is becoming too expensive for a lot of farmers. In Europe, electricity has already risen, for some, 16 times meaning it is cheaper to let the crops rot in the field rather than harvest. The same may happen here to some degree and of course, we import food from some of those European countries as well. But Europes vurrent problem is of their own creation over time, because of a “dedication to a green energy suicide pact on the continent “, The difference for the U.S. is that although our government has placed inordinate restrictions on our producing domestic oil and gas but could be reversed as quickly as it went into force if necessary. Let’s hope our government is smarter than the Europeans.

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