Biden Administration Sued Over First Amendment Violation

Every time I turn on the news, it’s always Trump this or Trump that. The guy hasn’t been in office for more than 18 months but dominates the news. It’s alwys something. Until now. Two State Attorneys General, from Louisiana and Missouri, have sued the Biden administration for colluding with social media companies to suppress the speech of those questioning COVID policy or 2020 election results. the AG’s allege that as many as 45 government employees may have been involved in the violation of First Amendment rights along with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. A district judge has ordered the administration to turn opver all emails to and from these employees and have given the administration 21 days to comply. I wonder how quickly they’re working on disappearing at least some of the content? Like with Hillary the FBI will just judge there was no intent to purposefully deceive the people.

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