Are You an Extremist?

I keep wondering, when I hear people on the left calling their opposition, extremist, what exactly are they referring to? What is it that’s defined as extreme, specifically? Is it believing that the First Amendment to the Constitution is sacrosanct for everyone, not just those we ideologically or religiously agree with? What about the other amendments, together known as the Bill of Rights? Believing in what the founders of our republic thought were important rights that all should share is somehow, extremism today. Holding those we elect responsible to their electors is now extremist. Wanting your children to be educated, not indoctrinated, is now extremism. Questioning the actions of government is not only extrmism but noe may be called sedition or insurrection. At the behest of a school board association, the Department of Justice was going to begin investigating parents that had the temerity to question and accuse local school board members about curriculum matters that in fact are the parents business. Extremists all.

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